Afterburner: Hennessey Venom GT Hits the Dyno

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ROAD & TRACK features the Venom GT on the cover of their February, 2011 issue. Check it out! +1.979.885.1300


Mahé big burger grande frite Abbad says:

Wallah la puissance

Calebgtr13 says:

:42 most fun my ears have ever had. Crank it up!!

lil-cabboyz says:

Even for the prototype still a badass car

LOTUS says:

dat burnout just gave me goosbump 😛

hightech346 says:

I wonder if the bank will let me finance one of these…? I'm willing to pay $100 every           three days….

Stephen Mokshefski says:

Yes please ill have one 🙂

Raka Wardhana says:

00:47 Damn!

James Dice says:

whats wrong with this car? dat sound is sooooo nice.

The Wanderer says:

It looked like it was about to take off xD

Jamie Kugelmann says:

probs blew the dyno up, too many hp lmao

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