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Air France and Porsche GB combine to set a new Guinness World Records achievement

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Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: Cayenne S Diesel: 8,2-8,0 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 215-209 g/km. Cayenne Turbo S: 11,5 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 267 g/km.

Records are meant to be broken. Watch as a standard Porsche Cayenne S Diesel tows a 285-tonne Airbus A380 over a distance of 42-metres at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, breaking the previous ‘Heaviest aircraft pulled by a production car’ Guinness World Records achievement by an amazing margin of 115-tonnes.

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Hunter Mcac says:

The engine of this cayenne it's not the same engine of the Toyota HZJ ????

Aslan Albotov says:

a person can also move a plane by physical force.

Simon Ocean says:

How many diesel particulates were emitted in the creation of this video? Pretty naff record.

omw9 says:

Not so special. Cheaper push/ pull ground handling vehicles do it daily around the the world.

Kyxe Music says:

Why not use a turbo s?

Tax me I'm Canadian says:

Great video, loved watching this

Серый Волк says:

it is a record of transmition PDK.

Huber Hacker says:

So dumb and Stupid

MrFunk says:

FF to 2.28 and skip all the marketing crap. Don't expect anything exciting either.

I SucC ToEs Fa Hoes says:

Now he's a millionaire.

ysesq says:

yeah now fuel the plane up to its normal operating weight and try pulling it across a slight invcline like normal aircraft movers do everyday instead of using a stripped down aircraft on a flat surface which will probably move if you have someone lean on it. 4.2L V8s are nothing compared to 7.2L or 6.6L engines in pickup trucks. porches arent pickups and neither are they off road trailer pulling anythings. not sure why youre comparing it to a pickup truck since no porsche owner is going to do anything other than babysit the car for its lifetime. guess it looks cool but its completely senseless.

АРП- Регион 13 says:

За 4,5 каеноаский поясните!!! )

Fabian Franke says:

Maximale Anhängelast – 285t

Elsayed ElAdel128 says:

ماشاء اللة حلوكتر واللة

نحياتى من المنصورة

Ross Allchorn says:

I'm guessing sales are slow in the soccer mom market?

Izak Botes says:

I bet the VW Toureg, Audi Q7 and the Audi A8 ………4.2 v8 tdi can do do this aswell!! bwhahaha Porsche such a special child!

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