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All-new Ford Focus RS: 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds

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The all-new Ford Focus RS high-performance hatchback is Ford’s fastest accelerating RS model ever, sprinting 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 4.7 seconds and reaching a maximum speed of 266 km/h (165 mph)

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Ford Focus says:

I like also Ford forever!

Ford Focus says:

I have a Ford Focus RS 2017 and i like this car Forever!

Clemenza Scolusso says:

Make the 2.3 EB stronger with a closed deck….

tankeriv says:

Beautiful car!! Now FORD!! Make it exceed the 300Kmh!!

Joao Faustino says:

Uma alta mãquina

Turan Ordusu says:

tüylerim diken diken oldu 🙂

Nikko Bandz says:

4.7 seconds with the gas light on. hmm OK lmao

d talmood says:

This is genuinely insane to me the fact of how nice this car looks, especial with that sky blue paint job and how it is able to hit 0-60 at 4.7 seconds.

SimpleStyle says:

best hatchback on the market.

h b 53 says:

Why is it so slow to 62 , my impreza cosworth does it in 3.7 sec . the impreza cossy must still be the ultimate hot hatch.

Silab Beats BE says:

Quelqu'un aurais la bande son original ? what is the original soundtrack?

VoR8705 says:

golf r 4.5 sec cough

Steven Macdonald says:

looks dumpy,sounds rubbish,and its a ford….

William Everaerts says:

Does anybody know the song of this commercial?

L says:


Mr JeBBha says:

Lol I want !

Ben Chesterman says:

Doesn't look 4.7 . More like 5.2 in the video

Foxy Moto says:

Ahh, just a bit disappointing. 🙁



Oskar Ek says:

my mercedes a 45 amg 2016 kicks your azz ford haha

MH motorVlogs says:

If this thing throws the tail out that much, what's the point in awd. I want my car to handle on a race track circuit, and with the rear stepping out, it gives others opportunity to pass you on the inside.

MATS Channel says:

The top speed is in mph around 165??

MH motorVlogs says:

I could see paying this kind of cash for a good awd system, but ford cheaped out on this car. It's just wrong. Tell Hamidi to get lost.

MH motorVlogs says:

Hanging the tail out in corners is not a good traight if you want to win races. I prefer true awd over this tail happy garbage with the unknown awd/tq system that'll likely fall apart or break often.

MH motorVlogs says:

For the $, I'd rather get a Camaro SS and smoke the new 5.0 or any RS. Heck, ford doesn't have a speed title in anything anymore. Not trucks, not hatches, not sedans, not sports coupes. The New Cam SS spanks new GT350R in acceleration even. Ford products are getting to soft and poor handling, slow acceleration. God forbid anyone buys a musta g GT automatic, it's 0-60 is 5.3 sec and 13.4@108 in the 1/4. The stick at least hits 4.6 0-60 and 13@112-113 in the 1/4… All stock of course, as tested. But why? You can have 2006-2011 c6 Z06 performance in a new SS with just a tune and run high 11's at 120-122 mph. Ford has become last on race day

MH motorVlogs says:

Honda type R has the top speed record over this. And will give RS a run from 0-60/98 kph. Bra, the Type R lit up the Nurburgring in under 7:51. I don't think the RS can do that. 2900 lb 305 hp Type R or 3400 lb 350 hp RS. The Type R has the better weight to power ratio. 9.5 Type R, 9.72 RS.

MH motorVlogs says:

Sadly this awesome car is saddled with a cheap aftermarket awd/vector system from a unknown company in Austrailia with little to no experience. No thanks. This car will be in the shop more than on the road. I'll wait till they have so many issues, that a good replacement system will get put in, then I'll buy.

Ronni Sambo says:

4,7 sec yes whit low fuel ?

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