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All-New Hyundai i30 Fastback – Product Walkaround Review

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Heads will turn – our All-New i30 Fastback is the newest eye-catching addition to Hyundai’s growing i30 family. Featuring a sleek roofline and a lower, edgier stance – Hyundai is the first
manufacturer to bring the iconic fastback design to this segment. Raf van Nuffel, Head of Product Marketing & Pricing at Hyundai Motor Europe, explains the car’s highlights.

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theRealAV8r says:

And lol @ the morons using Samsung handheld devices to bash Korean engineering

theRealAV8r says:

Beautiful car. I know engines are by far ans away more efficient now, but this tiny block/turbo trend ….? 1.0T? Really? Need to drive one myself

Jordan Manturk says:

vw cc from back

Krippy Krippy Krippy Krippy Kush Kush Kush Kush says:

Very smart looking car.

Clinton Ortiz says:

We want your amazing vehicle here in USA.

DHH says:

Throw a Lexus / Infiniti badge on it and people would be cooing praise for it; adorn it with Korean badges and people laugh, mock and fight tooth and nail to hide their truth feelings about how stunning the design is for so little money. People who buy the competition when the same or better value can be had from the Koreans are simply badge snobs who want to show off to their friends they've made it in the world; while people who buy the valued oppositions get the last laugh with the savings they can buy other things.

olli ven oel says:

My daughty bought one today.
Hyundai cars are very good. We have 4 Hyundai's in our fam.
trouble free cars

Debanga Nath says:

I love my i30 fastback

Димон Ведмедик says:

решили диски под мои закосить) https://www.drive2.ru/r/kia/1275150/

Theodore Vasilopoulos says:

Another great looking car by Hyundai. I saw it in the Athens motor-show and I was blown away. I hope it drivers as good as it looks! Can't wait to test-drive it.

Jan Kowalski says:

Front grill – total nightmare!

Raj Sekhar says:

Will it launch in INDIA ? We are waiting.

A. Ghouth says:

i30 lineup is amazing!

Henrik Koukku says:

I hope next is coming (2018) i30 Fastback N or i30 Wagon N -version!.

VolvoCars says:

Looks quite nice. Hope to see this design as an EV like IONIQ.

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