All-New Venom F5 Carbon Fiber Chassis

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Introducing the all-new Venom F5 carbon fiber chassis designed & engineered for 500+ km/h (311+ mph).

Produced by Shell | Powered by Pennzoil.



Juan carlos Luna says:

Who edited the video?

Simon Jeffries says:

Don’t let me down Hennessey. America needs a hyper car again.

ZeqHD says:

Idk bro, beating that Agera RS world record was already questionable but the speed Bugatti has put up is a whole other level to be able to break, good luck though

Neris Velasquez says:

W H A T .

Ethan Schmid says:

I can’t wait until this car comes out!!! When does it come into production?

CJ2K Gaming says:

312 miles per hour

Butterman EX says:

And yet SSC has a running production car

Nitrouspeed says:

so uh, how much does one of those chassis cost?


When are they going to finish this car!?

Beats2Eat says:

Anyone know what this things made out of??

John Smith says:

Bugatti did really inspired other companies after their 304.5 mph run

Greg Kowalski says:

I guess being weird sells now. See what happens when drug addled parents have offspring.

Abyssal Titan says:

Once it's done it's gonna smoke that Modified Chiron

P38FORK says:

Can't wait to see if American can get the record. Go Venom.

Bryan Garcia says:

By the sound and vision in 0:15 and 0:35 gave me the goosebumps


La espera esta valiendo la pena, espero este cargado de tecnología y no sea un auto mas…..

wagsbro 44 says:

Hey thats cool

FlyingSpur 207 says:

Bugatti: the chiron is the fastest car in the world. With a top speed of 304 mph.
Hennessey: hold my turbo.

Abs Linzag says:

This fastest street legal vehicle must be put onto The Guinness World Record after it debuted yet?

WLD _777 says:

When will the test start? 🤔

Dapper Genesis says:

I just went by the Hennessy building a couple weeks ago for the first time. Stopped and took a picture lol

Captain Traction says:

Cool, gimme some testing now, hennessey!

Bang Urhead says:

Is that the new Koeniggsegg killer? Let's do that much anticipated speed run, shall we?? Good to see the Texas boys are bringing their A game ya'll…!

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