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“Amazed again”. The new C-Class Cabriolet TV commercial – Mercedes-Benz original

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Experience in the new C-Class TV spot “Amazed again” the unrestrained feeling of freedom, which is special when driving a dream car. More information on the new C-Class Cabriolet on http://mb4.me/2NiawsDR.

The new cabriolet’s design interprets modern luxury with a youthful touch. Featuring plenty of high-quality details, its distinctive character is most apparent when the top is down. The cabriolet is optionally available with the AIRCAP automatic draught stop system and AIRSCARF neck-level heating – for exceptional comfort during open-top driving 365 days a year. The new C-Class Cabriolet. Unleash your senses.

Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz: http://benz.me/international/

Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MercedesBenzTV

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Adam Bernard says:

Oh, now this is a good commercial.

Monkey says:

광고 죽이네 와씨

Gennp-25 says:

0:22 a mercedes s coupe from the 60s in the back. Love those cars

Shelley Retallick says:

Who is the actor? He's the spitting image of a young Charles Dance.

DD CC says:

I love Mercedes-benz

Spud Thing says:

This guy looks like Charles Dance

Adhityo N. Edisworo says:

Who is the name of the girl at 0:52?

Filmhi says:

Amazing commercial. Again, I'm truly amazed.

Sound Author says:

Don Draper was thawed out from cryosleep to make this commercial.

Edwin F McKiernan says:

What is the name of the song?

Andreas Klein says:

The ultimate "Trump-Mobil": pretentious, inflated, self-serving, and very, very ugly!

Seunghwan Lee says:

Fricking awsome~

Abdellah Abdou says:

i love you mercedes benz keep going

bearbear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

OMG, was that Domhnall Gleeson at the end??

김영재 says:

Time to look up again..!

Hello Life says:

Mercedes is best… I am just 21, and i hope I will get it one day… I will definitely buy merc.. i like BMW, Audi, jaguar, and every other car, but merc is love.. true love… And i can argue till death, that it is the best

nsdapbky says:

ugly ugly ugly ugly

Sunny says:

shame about the interior it's horrible inside

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