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American Track Truck — Subaru Impreza WRX — stock 2.0 liter engine — DOMINATOR™ Tracks — WOW!

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Until now it appears Ken Block has had the only tracked Subaru in the world (seriously, try searching for another tracked Subaru). And that’s no surprise when you add up the money it took to build Block’s tracked car. How many people can really afford it?

Well there is an easier and more affordable way to track a Subaru now, thanks to American Track Truck. The light weight DOMINATOR™ track systems perform awesome, even on unmodified cars, even with the smallest, worn out, low horsepower engines. The car in this video is completely stock, except for the tracks and coil spring spacers. It has 196,000 miles on the little 2.0 liter engine and 5 speed transmission. Yet this car absolutely flies with DOMINATOR™ tracks! Imagine what a 2.5 liter with a few mods could do? Check out the video and contact www.AmericanTrackTruck.com for details!

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Sarah Gilbert says:

So that does as good of a job as a Hyundai with summer tires. What a joke of a car

Pedro Cruz says:

How much it cost ??

Charlie Rodriguez says:

Nice idea bro

Dragon Butt says:

Well the engine is practically a tractor motor so of course its works 😛

Deadly Pineapple says:

is it street legal?

Casini Sanyo says:

where s company

Casini Sanyo says:

where s compani

roger w says:

Frick n cool

CANUSA Kommando says:

Track and attending parts noise would also make a large amount of noise but being faced with being stuck in 175 cm of snow in -25C air things are quickly balanced.
Looks to give a nice ride height and a very sure stance. A fun ride which pays for itself with every ride.
A very snowy climate is easy to find in the Great Lakes. Many a mourning I looked out to what awaits? Hip deep snow with air and wind that will tear the flesh from your bones and that's no hyperbole.
That Subaru would be awesome! Home every time.

Jessica Wagner says:

wow those tracks really powered through that 2" of snow. how expensively lame.

Don KiksBiscuits says:

how much is that kit

Rob king says:

car is a piece of shit

DeAndre Enrico says:

That thing looks menacing as shit.

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