America's Enemy Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić To Sell Out Kosovo – Richard Grenell Triumphs

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Serbia is on its knees – occupied by the Vučić Cartel and humiliated.
America’s enemy Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić to sell out Kosovo – Richard Grenell Triumphs.

Richard Grenell to host Serbia-Kosovo summit in Washington, DC – around the anniversary of the 1389 battle between Serbs and Turks in Kosovo Field.
Dictator Vučić expected to win 110 % of votes in ‘Sham’ Serbia Election on June 21, giving him legitimacy to give up Kosovo, according to his Handlers.

Richard Grenell said that he has received the commitment from the governments of Kosovo and Serbia to temporarily pause the derecognition campaign and the seeking of international memberships in order to meet in Washington, DC at the White House on June 27 for Dialogue discussions. If either side is unsatisfied with the June 27 discussions then they will go back to the status quo after they leave Washington. As we have consistently said, we must first make progress on growing the economies. This is the focus. I look forward to these discussions, Grenell said.

Re: anniversary: In Kosovo the Serbs lost their independence to the Turks in 1389 on 28 June, the “holiest” of Serb anniversaries, but nothing is sacred for the Serbian tyrant Aleksandar Vučić.

There is a battle for information – is the official news, they the alternative!

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