AMG GT Black Series (730hp) | RACE Start & 100-200 km/h acceleration🏁 | by Automann

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OMG!!! First real-life BLACK SERIES RACE Start & 100-200 km/h acceleration test! Yes, we really drove the all-new and super rare Mercedes-AMG GT BLACK SERIES delivering a whopping 730hp & 800 Nm of torque (total weight: 1615 kg). Despite the fact we had a non-ideal scenario with pick-up rubber & strong wind in our direction we managed to do pretty much GT2 RS times in this BEAST! Considering the ultra track-focus of this car and the simply mind-blowing cornering speeds I think this is very very impressive:) But please watch yourself and tell me your thoughts? Please make sure to also follow all our stuff about this car on instagram! #AMG #GT #BlackSeries

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Luis Diego Tanchez says:

Bmw is trash

THESnakE4 says:

WTF this sounds really ?????

Darix says:

I see here only BMW frustrated bitches, BMW pack your shit and close your Factory, you will not make such a car, ever

Michu 247 says:

This engine is loud? Loud engine is for example in aventador svj

G0ddEity says:

Amg gt black series, lamborghini evo sto, or 765lt? Which is your favorite?

Sébastien Ancona says:

Sounds awful

DRTY FN says:

Awfully boring exhaust note. Can’t wait for aftermarket tubes.

Papa Anne Franku says:

Opf, flat plane and turbo’s are the worst combination for exhaust sound! It actually sounds like an a45….

G0ddEity says:

sounds like a muffled 720s

Ahmed Abdelkader says:

Bro if this is a racing bei this is slow as fack the bmw m5 competition f92 is faster

MTB MATT85 says:

Has 700+ BHP yet is slower to 62 than the new e63s. Waste of money in my opinion

The Asian says:

The engine sounds crap. Definitely not what a proper AMG V8 should sound like

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