AMG GT Black Series – Future Shmeemobile?

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It’s no secret that Mercedes-AMG are working on the GT Black Series and it’s not too far away now! So, what do we know about it? And will it become a future Shmeemobile? Let’s discuss it all during a run out in my AMG GT R Pro to Little Legends for the unpacking of some very exciting new arrivals.

Having recently added the SLS AMG Black Series to the garage, it sits alongside the AMG GT R Pro; a mixture of which will create this new model. I believe it will be named the GT Black Series (not GT R Black Series as per the rumours) and bring with it a new flat plane crank 4.0 TT V engine that can rev significantly higher than before while producing 700hp or more. Obviously the name of the game is track performance and chasing lap times, so it comes with a front end resembling the AMG GT3 racecar, and a gigantic active and multi-tiered rear wing.

Typically the AMG Black Series models have taken 2 years or so from first prototypes to the final production car which would bring us now close to the full reveal, and potentially explain why I wasn’t put off buying the GT R Pro considering the years I will be able to own it before the Black Series could arrive – should I be lucky enough to secure an allocation.

To keep a long story short, I would love to add the new GT Black Series to the garage in due course if the car is everything it currently seems like it should be! However, we’re a long way from allocation discussions as we don’t know the pricing, or total production build numbers, of much else about it officially!

Things are also very exciting on the Little Legends front as we have finally received a new container load through customs after a significant delay. It’s no easy work to unbox them and get the cars out but very exciting that some of these are heading onwards to new homes. It’s really fun being part of the business, please do follow to see more of what we’re up to:

Shout out to my friend Misha for the clips of the GT Black Series in action:

Special thanks @wilcoblok and @joelre98 for the photos of the prototype at the Nurburgring:

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

AMG have been running test mules around the Nurburgring for 18 months now, so what do we know about it, and will it be a future Shmeemobile? Let's discuss during a run out in my GT R Pro to check out the new Little Legends arrivals!

Rohan Dhotre says:

I am predicting that the AMG GT BLACK SERIES will have a 06:50 lap time.

Juan Rincon says:

Who else came here after Tim starred in the GT BS commercial?

Leo Jergovic says:

This aged well…

Vaughn Mongan says:

watching this after the commercial has come out! congrats Tim!

Alamin Goznovi says:

Who’s here after he’s in the MERCEDES AMG GT BLACK SERIES commercial

Giovanni Rodriguez says:

Who came here from watching the New GT-R Pro Black Series video? Lmao

Michael McDonald says:

Who’s here after seeing Shmee in the actual Mercedes commercial for the Black Series 😂

Ken A says:

I have an allocation. Very proud.

General Kenobi says:

He has more luxury cars than grievous has light sabers

Jaime Gómez says:

Shmee it's difficult to choose just one car from your garage, all of them are awesome.

stumpystever65 says:

Shmee please please sort the mic out when your driving everytime you drive the sound goes so low I have to increase the TV volume up a lot it is getting to a point where it puts me off of watching anymore because of the strain to hear what your saying.

KP says:

At the moment the GT R Pro is my favorite Shmeemobile 👍🏼

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