Asphalt 8 – 9FF GT9 VMAX cup (58.798)

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My personal best time and 3º record in the cup (Android leaderboard).
I did a pretty perfect lap, especially the second barrel ramp, where my air speed was amazing (greater than 432 kmh).
With this time I hope to get this great car. I will put a screenshot with top20 after cup ends 🙂
I finished in 4º position, but after ending final result was:


Mi mejor tiempo y 3º registro en al copa (Clasificación Android).
Hice una vuelta bastante perfecta, especialmente la segunda rampa tonel, donde mi velocidad en el aire fue increible (mayor de 432 kmh).
Con este tiempo espero conseguir este gran coche. Pondré un pantallado con el top20 cuando la copa acabe 🙂
Acabé en 4º posición, pero tras acabar el resultado final fue:

Music: “Warrior Strife” – Jingle Punks


Rubi Maya says:

sabias   que  ese  auto  se   pare  a   una   porche

Sean Brown says:

how do you have 12000 tokens already (amazing)?

Ga Bbs says:

Héctor para vos que es más rápido el 9ff o el k1

Matt Schwartz says:

How did you get this car?  I just got the update (8.1) and there is no "free trial" for this car.  I have to purchase it with tokens??  I have no tokens.. and surely am not paying for them.  Whats the deal?  Thanks Hector 🙂

Paolo Chang says:

nunca llegué a hacer esa maniobra para agarrar la primera rampa tonel :(…no ubiqué el momento preciso

Fernando Almeida says:

Elite Hectorx THE BEST!! You are the best player!!

RpM_JasminN [Jasmin Niksic] says:

This is perfect drive. I try that barel rol buth most time crush. In many race you are faster even then Delorean. I always watch yours video.

alex pro says:

for iOS 58:641 is the time to beat for top 30, and 2 seconds being number 1, still

Elite#1CFC03EP7 says:

aghhhhh why can't i win any token cars this update, only credit cars that can be bought later anyways 🙁
congrats man, if gameloft made it top 40 i woulda made it >:(


nice lap! I just got home not long ago, thought I would hold at 20th place but obv I was wrong and it came 22nd lmfao fml lol

name not found says:

Nice run, you've got the car
I wasted 2 ETs for nothing because that 0:42 sec, always hit the fucking rock or container because i jump too fast

Galaxy says:

Congrats for the win! I'm 22th with 58:914… 😑

Qlon says:

what are you think about ferrari 599xx and biome? I have already ferrari 380gts-d and FelinoCB7-c and dont know what next. I do multi for upgrades and daily event. Already 380,00 C. Biome is much better than ferrari 599x ?

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