Asphalt 8, 9FF GT9 VMAX MAX PRO, Metal Season In MPH

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Well, you all know why I did this… 😉 Dedicated to my friend Teja, in MPH.

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Albert Mendez says:

Tengo asphalt 9

Besomorph No Winter Ł says:

Made for games Asphalt nitro

Enea 28 says:

Get ready to get the terzo millennio and Rimac and add em to the metal season 😃

juan ramirez says:

no me carga

Jayden slayer says:

What is 340mph in kmh

Spherz says:

Isaac, I think the new Lamborghini Terzo will have new decals! Mostly because it’s only available in one color, but it still has an openable color menu

Emanuel dos santos Andrade de jesus says:

4:06 omgooooooog terzo Millennium

brayan.veterano herrera garcia says:

Regálame tu cuenta jajaja, ya mero 🙁 ajajja fichas 🙂

Marco Díaz says:

Hola Isaac Sierra disculpa esa Metal Season como aparece? Es la misma q dice temporada McLaren?

Dinogames TM says:

second comment

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