Asphalt 8|| GT by CITROEN ||VS||W Motors Fenyr Supersport

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||GameSir G4s Gamepad||
This Gamepad is good for playing Asphalt 8 game and i love it because it give great control.

This is a game-play video of Asphalt 8 Airborne and it is a free to play.
Original content belongs to its owner. Asphalt 8: Airborne is an arcade racing game made by Gameloft.
Asphalt 8 is a multiplayer racing game.

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NoCopyrightSound and YouTube Free music has used in my videos.


Павел Кабликов says:

make please ferrari 599xx VS mercedes benz amg gtr

《TAO LÀ AI》 says:

yes fenyr win the fenyr is my favorite car

Tyree Miller says:

These ae two cars of RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT!!! Excellent timing! At the last test, despite being slightly a slower accelerator than the GT by Citroen, the W Motors Fenyr Supersport managed to win the battle you posted. Now, I can start collecting blueprints for the Fenyr!

Baran Ceran says:


AxeELl says:

How do i get the fenyr or tye citroen gt

Abla Eisse says:

r&d vs r&d

DarknoorX says:

I know Fenyr will eat that GT up with ease yet I watched… FENYR IS LOVE FENYR IS LIFE!

RpM Ray - Kosovo says:

What is name of the game at 00:28 ?

Aaron Han says:

You can just get GT when you want to spend H engines. Lol

Waveza Gamez says:

GT by Citroen me is tested speed than f ck

Lewis Hayhow says:

2001 view! LOL!

Sanchit Shinde says:

great, but insdead of 675lt, you should have used pig…

Tran Quynh Anh says:

GT sucks, nice video

ReV_Gibberish says:

Super GT vs Citroën GT?

Tung Li says:

GT by Citroen really sucks with its 1797 rank,I think it cannot beat Mosler Super GT or Enzo, even Weber, One 77 and XJ220S

Gabriel JettFealers says:

Fenyr is easy to win GT by Citroen and you will play P1 GTR vs GT by Citroen please

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