ASPHALT 9 | Opening 120 Zenvo TS1 GT packs & Test Drive

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Device: iPhone 8+
music: Yusuf Alev & Melth – I Can’t Lose You (ft. İrem Öztürk)
Alex Ferro – You (Itro Remix)
Warriyo – Battle Cry
Harald Revery – Mystery Card


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SwervingPick51 says:

I unlocked the car but the pack hasn’t shown up in the shop. Anyone knows why?

Vladdalv51 says:

i also upgraded this car to 4*,but i don`t like this car,it`s so bad on bumpy road

Aditya Barakoti says:

Packs are not showing bro. I have already unlocked it

ミRpM_Pulsar彡 says:

Wait what? 750 tokens? I thought it would be 900!!
Hehe thx GL I guess

j e s u s c h r i st says:

Oh and u can tap on on trade coin pop-up to get it off your screen btw
Anyways have fun with the zenvo 👌🏼

Golam Rabbani Salman says:

Which do you use to play??

ULT Lossamouye says:

Gg good luck with it you can do beautifull thing in mp

ZiGi Ibragimov says:

Zdarova Bro! Thanks for the video! And, as always, cool Mouzons! Where do you live and how old are you?! I just watch you for a long time and wanted to know! And when the stream! It’s been a long time!

Mr.Artem4ik. Games says:


aboodi a. z. says:

Hi, How can I earn points to upgrade my level ? I'm stuck in 13 !

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