Asphalt 9 – Unlock W Motors Fenyr Supersport & VLF Force 1 V10 + Test drive 🤓🤪

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Very happy today to be the 1st player to unlock Fenyr in Android platform & 1 of the first player to unlock Force V10! 😍😎
Fenyr is 1 of the top 3 King in this game in my opinion among with Lambo Terzo & Bugatti Chiron. Force V10 is a top 3 class A car and also a MUST have car for career so you can unlock 2 extra class A seasons if you want to progress further to 99%! To achieve 100% career you need to have both Chiron and Trion Nemesis but Chiron BP are not available to obtain in this game yet (not even in soft launch).

Original content belongs to the original owner. Asphalt 9 Legends is a racing game created by Gameloft.


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BlueKitten 115 says:

I can maybe go against this guy right here

Dhanaraj Adhikarimayum says:

Which screen recorder do u use??

Super Gamer says:

You are a soft launch player

FrEeFiGhTeR 27 says:

GUYS THIS GUY HAS BEEN PLAYING SINCE THE SOFT LAUNCH, that’s why he’s has the Porsche 918 spyder and all of those other cars that I can’t even get bp’s for….. this is for the people who don’t know….

RpM_NoobyPro says:

You are a true legend

Noob Gaming says:

2:41 how you get Koenigsegg BPs?

GT-RS says:

That fuel system is retarded
Drive the car only 3 times and get to race it again in 6 hours. Do you really own it at this point?

Asit Rajput says:

How long have you been playing this game?

Rhandy Gumapos says:

In my fenyr….
I got 1 blueprint XD

Tâm Nhẫn says:

the second last race is hillarious

King Dinosaur and Kawaii Bunny says:


A LEGEND!!!!!!

Apple Corer says:

Hello Fury Lewis Hamilton
I was wondering if I could join your A9 club. If you want my stats, maybe can MP?

Oof Gaming_YT says:

Lewis did you play since soft launch or in phillipiens launch (mid-2017)

Victor1010 says:

omg how did you get all the supersport blueprints

Dmitrious Bazhanov says:

Congratulations! 😉
But I have a question:
Was 7:54 made specially to show how good you are? :DD Despite failing still getting 1st place? 😀

AS Samanta says:

How do you got the other blue prints of the fenyr sport

Somrup De Gaming says:

Wow bro so great

TWL•Slayer says:


Zhiox says:

Congrats bro😀

emptiness018 says:


Lightning Hammer says:

how did you get so good

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