Aston Martin CEO Drives The New 1,160HP Valkyrie Hypercar

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Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers says the new Valkyrie will finally launch by the middle of the year following a delay in deliveries for which he cites the complexity of the project.

The Valkyrie hypercar is powered by a naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 from Cosworth with 1,000 hp and 545 lb-ft (740 Nm) paired to an electric motor delivering an additional 160 hp and 206 lb-ft (280 Nm) for a combined output 1,160 hp at 10,500 rpm and 663 lb-ft (899 Nm) at 6,000 rpm.

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Dick weed says:

This thing put the Senna performance to shame before the Senna could even become culturally relevant.

Johnny Enright says:

Valkyrie, Speed-tail or P1. ???

Brofessor _ says:

"i'm confident that we have the car available for you, our customers, by middle 2021" – ok, thanks…i was just going to ask you.

samuel fitzpatrick says:

Red bull just got shoved out the door

lightning9 says:

The Valkyrie is basically a track car. I think it'll be a good competitor to the Bolide, that is if the Bolide goes into production..

omid namin says:

when are we going to get a proper review to this car?? it's always a short glimpse with music playing in the background or someone talking over it.

Kiwi Dan says:

I love that such a (relatively) clean exterior hides just how aggressive the aero is on this car. Pause at 1:30 and you can see just how much the underside is shaped for aerodynamics. Truly incredible.

kW4CK says:

My dream car, a dream which will never come true 🙁

EKO says:

FAST… But not a Beauty…


Take to LeMans stop being cowards

Robbie Peach says:

Tobias is living the dream. Responsible for most of the development of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, and now is the CEO of Aston Martin as the Valkyrie is about to become an official production hypercar.

AP says:

Go race it in LeMans

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