Aston Martin DB11 AMR – 325km/h Vmax Test Drive on the Autobahn | FULL REVIEW

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This is the new Aston Martin DB11 AMR, and everything you want to know about it! From a full in-depth walkaround to discover the changes and improvements, to taking it for a full top speed run on the Autobahn to 325km/h (202mph). Replacing the regular DB11, the new AMR version increases power to 638hp from the 5.2l twin turbo V12 and offers a host of tweaks and refinements so let’s take a look at whether Aston’s super GT is now even better?

To date, Aston Martin have sold 4,200 DB11s including the original 1,000 Launch Editions – of which my father owns one in the same colour as my test car here, Mariana Blue. It’s had a fairly short lifespan of under 2 years prior to being replaced and upgraded to the DB11 AMR, however with the new Vantage hot on the heels of the DB11 you can see why the temptation would be there to introduce more to the big brother. With other variants available in the line-up including the DB11 V8 and Volante convertible, the AMR sits at the top with a price tag of £174,995.

A Signature Edition comes pre-specified at a cost of just over £200,000 in the distinct Stirling Green and lime halo package with full carbon fibre options and only 100 will be made, one of which we can explore inside the showroom at the AMR Performance Centre at the Nurburgring along with a Vulcan AMR Pro.

Let’s get started with a full walkaround of the DB11 AMR, exterior and interior and talk about the changes before hopping in for a drive in the countryside. Next it’s time to stretch the legs on the Autobahn and see what the GT is capable of; with a run up to 325km/h on the dashboard in one direction and 306km/h in the other – impressive capabilities, especially when considering how smoothly it goes about it.

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Peter clifton says:

Makes a change to actually see an Aston Martin at full speed great video

Chris Wood says:

They need to poach a bentley designer to sort there interior out. .

yo ScouT says:

how did they increase the horsepower but not the torque?

그레스맨 says:

Blue is too popular so soso

Gerhard Mogg says:


YXS尧仙笙 says:

This blue looks very similar to your newly painted Mystic Blue on the SLS Black. Would love to see a comparison between the 2 colours side by side

Kofi Ankamah says:

Is it me or Shmee will make a very good Bond, our new 007. Comments please

db d says:

I'm surprised you don't run top gear mate, simply the best at what you do.

Vincent Lim says:

nice autobahn driving love that !

Kpax says:

325 km/h with PlayStation 🙃😆

1y1 Michael says:

It’s very good car,I’m so love it! !!

Abdulaziz Al Qahtani says:

I need one of those 💔😐

Mz K says:

Well done!!! Thank you for a wonderful video.

Rui Esteves says:

nice review! Top!

Senshi Bat says:

der Ring worthiness is strong in that one.

Mark McIntosh says:

Would have been nice if you drove it harder and faster.

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