Aston Martin DBS First Drive To SKYFALL!

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Today I take my Aston Martin DBS on it’s first drive on the road to Skyfall! The DBS isa 510hp naturally aspirated V12 manual super GT and today we’re taking it on some of the best driving roads in Scotland to share what it’s like to drive and ultimately end up on the incredible Skyfall road!


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Guillaume's Motorcycle Adventures says:

Absolutely Amazing !!!!!!

Greg Mason says:

I’d love a convertible one.

Phil Cliffe says:

Why do carbon fibre parts ALWAYS have to be pointed out on every car.. The gold sections of a McLaren F1 – fair enough.

Matt Hurley says:

All these car channels have the same style of music at the intro. Who started that meme?


Car 🚗 looks brand spanking new

Mr Dub GANG says:

Went up not long ago with my S3, good thing about living in Glasgow it’s only a 2hrs drive for me😂. One of my favourite routes to take on a weekend drive, can’t beat that scenery👌

Johndill Nunez says:

Such an amazing video….what jacket are you dope

Al Bruce says:

Why do you always put crappy 'youtube' music in your videos? Good music goes a long way.

Al Bruce says:

My DB9 is prettiest.

james donoghue says:

Beautiful car, beautiful place.

Upasuhut Jurnal says:

I love the car and especially the view , oh My God , amazing

douglas todd says:

i had to stop watching , i thought he's trying to destroy the gearbox .

Instaya Communications says:

time to load Aston Martin shares AML

TheCabrooster11 says:

The A82 Rannoch moor road is also known as the “highland mans racetrack” is an epically “quick” road too drive where as the Glen Etive road is more of a tarmac rally stage, I’ve motorcycled and driven them many times over the last thirty years

Alessandro Pinto says:

Awesome place, awesome ride, awesome car, shitty music (better off just going with natural sounds). How long a ride is that?

Yudha Bagaskara says:

please send me the coordinates

Grant Edson says:

Pulls out his camera to record

Daryl Hall says:

Living the Supercar dream, perfect car in a perfect location, love the way you present it and make us feel a part of it. Very jealous. Been eagerly awaiting some DBS content, looking forward to more.

Paul Channells says:

Well done, loved it.

Xristos Konstantinou says:

and the jacket… is also SKYFALL?

David McGuire says:

I take all my cars when I buy them along that road all the way to Fort William , it’s a great road !

Allura Ambrose says:

I really dislike the looks of the new Astons, they lost their touch and with the old infotainment system it just feels cheap. This one is a beauty however.

nivrin13 says:

That's such a looker of a car.

Hangzhou narong Guarantee Co., Ltd says:

Dream car 🚗

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