Aston Martin DBS Superleggera VS Ferrari 812 Superfast – The FULL Challenge | Fifth Gear

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Vicki and Jason take a day trip to France in two of the most powerful grand tourers on the market – the Ferrari 812 Superfast and Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. Which provides the ultimate driving experience? For access to exclusive Fifth Gear content and all FULL episodes, join our channel

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Jamie Alehandro says:

can someone explain what is that channeled tunnel ?

Antonio.Paola. jAz says:

Voi inglesi potete solo rosicare …

Mohammed Jouhar says:

no one is touring in those cars lol they spend way more time in garage .

Stephan Tranquille says:

I'll choose an Aston Martin over (almost) any Fezzas unless… it's a SF90, being the only Ferrari I actually love.

DexxonGamerYT says:

The truth is if you let them roll race from 60mph. The Aston will be faster.

jpdemer5 says:

Aston should let you turn off all the driver "assist" gizmos that get in the way of a proper launch.

BMrcl says:

I prefer the exterior and interior of the aston but combined with the phenomenal Ferrari engine. But if I had the choice it'd be an Rosso Bia Aventador SV.

My Art History says:

ALL of the issues with these cars are the very definition of first world problems.

Noel Borg says:

I'm not a fan of Ferrari but the only Ferrari that got my attention is the Ferrari Roma as I prefer that kind of look , and this DBS is awesome and sexy looking it's a gentle man's car, that's what Aston Martin is all about, Class!

JohnWerck says:

The DBS might be the sexiest thing on the planet no 🧢

francis2811 says:

Between the two, the normally aspirated Ferrari engine will last the longest.

RTL Ontbijtnieuws - Jan de Hoop says:

11:31 when you tell your girlfriend you're about to come

Andrew Parker says:

Am I the only one who thinks the Ferrari looks so much cooler than the Aston?

Jose Maldonado says:

Both cars are beautiful but I’ma have to go with the Aston. I just wished it didn’t have the two rear seats.

Peter benn pan says:

Wellington would have never have thought Plato wears knickers……..🤣😂😅

Unelected Bureaucrat says:

This ferrari garbage Aston Martin all day

Unelected Bureaucrat says:

Why is this woman driving?

Sergio Ferrero Pérez says:

That sound the Aston makes braking…

Junior Mendes says:

My perfect car is DBS's body exterior, Continental GT's interior and Ferrari's engine and chassis!

Ed Cain says:

Back Seat for the Aston,Great if James Bond Is Going to be Hauling Children in Next movie.Wow,Alfresco Dining in the Parking Lot!

Ebrahiem Ismail says:

I'd say the aston better suits the role of a gt car. I wouldn't want to travel 500+ km in the ferrari.

Jaime L says:

Ol ducks that own these 812s don’t need to worry about the ol man that can’t get it up anymore 😜😂..Italian stallion to the rescue!

Paul Thomson says:

Aston every single time

Geoffrey Pearce says:

The Ferrari is definitely the better supercar; the superior performance and excitement are undeniable. This is especially true if you've still got a soft shot for the dying breed that is front engined supercars.

However, considering that the point of a GT is to effortlessly cover enormous distances, the extra comfort (not to mention extra seats) provided by the Aston Martin arguably make it the better Grand Tourer. I also happen to agree with the French regarding it's looks and sound.

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