Aston Martin DBS Volante Review: Shot On iPhone 12 Pro Max | 4K

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Rory hops onboard the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante (yes, that’s convertible in Italian), but for this review, the team are shooting the entire thing on the brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max. Let us know what you think of the footage!

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AutoTrader says:

What do you think of the quality of the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

prontopac says:

I bet if you had not mentioned that this video was shot with an iPhone 12 Pro Max only a quarter of the respondents would have noticed.

LeeLee CAM says:

They are stoping to use the Mercedes gearbox, but they build a similiar one 😑 criativity level 2

Ian Griffiths says:

Was the sound recorded on the iPhone too?

Cbreazie Nutz says:

Did you guys use a gimble to stabilize the video?

Jabez Wilson says:

Is the audio also from iphone 12 pro max

Johnny FD says:

Wow that's incredible that it was all shot on an iPhone 12 Pro Max! Please do a behind the scenes on how it was done, or at least let us know if any additional hardware like gimbals or stabilizers were used. Also what did you do for audio? Thanks!

Ben Smith says:

You could’ve not filmed it with a filter….

nurburgringuk says:

Nice video, impressive footage. Was the iPhone internal mic used for all shots though?

Jason Johnson says:

Thank You for shooting this on the iPhone 12 pro max. It looks decent for a phone. But not close to most high end DSLR or mirrorless cameras. You’ve definitely covered some questions I had.

Johnny Lee says:

Hmm, the camera is quite all over the place. Normal filming gear is still much better

lenford peck says:

Well done rory

Nicholas Rubio says:

The quality from the new iPhone is crazy!🤯. Making me consider upgrading from my XR!

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