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Aston Martin Keys Demonstration

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Aston Martin Keys Demonstration


Itz_DaGachaG33k ÙwÚ says:

Looks one last time at The BMW M3 GTR (NFSMW Edition)

Im sorry my love!! But I love someone else!

Dsk 4u says:

I want Aston Martin…

Mary Reid says:

Thank for the video… Great video, great Youtuber. Have you ever shop from hqreps ? Best place for luxury stuff, just share to you all. LOL !!!

Yash Kanodia says:

I will definitely find this video useful in the future😎

MrKenth says:


Moj Splet says:

LOL, the body panels dont even fit well on some B rolls… Ill keep my S-Class thanks….

SAM rude says:

Wow! Now I know to use these keys. All I need is the car and.

Kshitij k Shogokar says:

Thanks for the Vedio ,, now Aston Martin can be driven easily ,,

Just have to buy one

TaNIsh Saxena says:

I bought a Aston martin,but they gave me a dream instead of the key😂

Aryan Singh says:

youtube algo thinks i'm rich and i need this video…dayumm

Star less says:

Instructions not clear ended up locking unlocking neighbour's car

Anshuman Rathore says:

I really like how Aston Martin has given the jumper inside the bonnet and battery below the passenger seat.

What if the battery dies and there's another Aston Martin to my help in the middle of nowhere after the midnight.

muP8085 says:

how dare you YOUTUBE for making me feel poor.
i will sue you for this insult…..or we can settle out of court for an aston martin.

ItsYeBoi Elon says:

Are you sure this isn't some flex about a key for a car that we probably won't own?

YouTube: yes

Soundwave Superior says:

Somebody who can afford an Aston Martin is not gonna be watching these videos.
So the question is, what is the point of having us plebs watch it?

Bill Kelsoe says:

YouTube, you can’t keep doing this forever….

Arkha says:

i hope to have this car at my home

GaBIT says:

great video. works on my Dacia

nihal frooty says:

I dont even have an Aston Martin, and fukin watching it seriously at night 2am as if I own one

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