Aston Martin Valkyrie | F1 Technology For The Road

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Derived from F1 – Aston Martin Valkyrie encompasses our Pursuit Of Beautiful.

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Amal Dev says:

I am so excited for the future of aston martin, i hope they continue this design philosophy. Valkyrie is just amazing!

Benis Village in Iran says:

Aston Martin's replica of a life f1 team

Kashikoku Kyo says:

i would buy one…. unfortunately i am not a billionaire

victor trobberman says:

I liked the concept, overall great video

Snick says:

Want this at Lemans!

rumbepack says:

Please Aston tell me you are not canceling this.

yenita chan says:

The rival is Ferrari SF90 Stradale

yenita chan says:

Aston all day everyday

Masterchef says:

But well underdeveloped at least the gearbox software…

Skydrag.V60 says:

This, the Gordon Murray T.50, the AMG Project One, and the McLaren Senna would make for an incredible racing class

Rey Alfonso Moreno Cardenas says:

Tengo un Catálogo de fotos para mi teléfono de aston Martín son de color verde limón con negro por eso soy fan de aston Martín

Bhai91davidoff says:

Valkyrie , project 1, T 50. Really can’t wait

Gustavo Florio Bernardi says:

If you want to make a buzz just after the T.50 presentation, it's lazy and disrespectful that you don't show us new footage!

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