Aston Martin Valkyrie – Fully Upgraded – Endurance @ Porsche Dynamic Circuit

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Many things are covered in this one, wall ride technique, jumping, secret passing zone and tricky Racing at Porsche test track Dynamic circuit. My settings were Tilt B controls, sensitivity 2 and all assist off.



ME7 says:

I made a mistake that several of you have caught. Laguna Seca was not my first flight, it was my first bounce. Nurburgring was my first flight. Thank you for pointing it out. You guys are awesome! You know what I’ve done in this game more than I do at times. 😎👍

江泽民 President Jiang says:

I missed the car, hope there will be a championship soon : ((

Mark Pepe says:

Thanx for the Stage 7 info ME. …. A few rounds of “ Bot Beers “ are on me !!

Tadeusz Solon says:

any good farming races for this car? I might even consider repairing it with adds to drive multiple times

FENIX [22] says:

I tu eres supuestamente uno buen piloto en el real ??

Don Random says:

Let's hope Magnus doesn't see this.

Play GT says:

I wish watch this car on production.

Rob Dunn says:

I play F1 mobile these days and those corner cuts get you a massive penalty. Good to see you exploiting all the fun of the game though because the normal stuff is getting a bit boring now. Nice video again bro. ✌️😎👍

Akash Shah says:

What’s your actual name

Akash Shah says:

I love ❤️ watching your videos

Akash Shah says:

How are you sooooooooooooo good

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