Aston Martin Valkyrie – Verification Test at Silverstone

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Aston Martin has unleashed the power of three Aston Martin Valkyrie models, while providing Aston Martin Red Bull Racing drivers Max Verstappen and Alex Albon their first taste of the revolutionary hypercar.

Each verification prototype, of which there will be eight built in total, is subjected to a variety of intense testing programmes designed to develop and validate specific attributes that contribute to achieving the performance of the world’s fastest ever road-going hypercar. These programmes are focussed on supporting first customer deliveries starting in H2 2020.

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Exse William says:

ITS really amazing car but I think The gearbox need to upgrade

Play GT says:

Please, I hope that they don't cancel it.

PuyoPuyoFever says:

Was that a single clutch like the Aventador?

Dmytry B says:

По Киеву ездить в самый раз, тёлки будут довольны. Я возьму два на выходных.

Carsten says:

Max love it and he want it in the F1 cars ! I think !!!

White Lion says:

Love the carm but the sound is terrible

Shoulder Kicking Mossberg says:

The answer to any criticisms about the gearbox are pretty well explained right in the middle of the video with "They're all raw prototype cars"

James B says:

This is one seriously tight car. How is middle aged fat billionaire gonna fit this that tiny cage?

James B says:

3:27 "Wow! Its loud!" Even a F1 driver thinks its loud.


In 2020 gearbox lag?! WTF

Juan Rojas says:

What exactly is this thing

Adda34 Tournin34 says:

The gearbox 🤔

limpunsing22 says:

Hopefully AM survives The automotive world is not complete without AM

Muse4Games says:

That rear with the ground effect is so sexy

Miguel Alfoya says:

Wow! 😃 Doug demuro will say : let's talk Valkyrie! 😛

Colin says:

No "testing " occured. This was a photo shoot behind a camera car

Phantom Hemi says:

All that space under the car could possibly cause lift.

Allan Ø.N. says:

Full System
⚠ Drive with caution ⚠

Nono Mara says:

It’s sound like an Aventador no ?

Tim Krauss says:

The gearbox seems slow

Yudhi`s Family says:

Design by Adrian newey ?

Ухты Бля says:

За хлебом пайдет гасать!☝️☝️☝️🤓👍👍👍

Ranggadhinugroho 2004 says:

62+ Hadir di sini

David junior says:

the gear box sounds strange but, the car is cool.

W_jt_k says:

front looks like hammerhead shark

Dylan Robinson says:

Booooooo! Porsche is better!

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