Aston Martin Valkyrie’s 1,000bhp V12 engine | Top Gear

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Have a listen to the Aston Martin Valkyrie’s 1,000bhp V12 engine as Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix talks you round it. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

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Can they send one to my garage by accident so I can fit it in something just nuts thinking e30 maybe an s2000

Matt Bolt says:

THAT is what a supercar is about. I think there will always be a place for ICE cars when it comes to supercars and sportscars. Nothing beats the sound and interaction of a fire-spitting engine. Battery supercars are just soul-less and nowhere near as involved.

Rhett H-S says:

Geez, that stirs you up. Wow.

James Waugh says:

Fantastic but the T50 sounds better

Khaled says:

What is the accent of this young presenter?

Jesus Pedraza says:

Those cyliner heads are huge

KangoV says:

Please remember people that the weight of the engine is with the chassis components on it. This engine makes up the structural component of the car, so the car weighs less. Pulling high g's in the car puts enormous stress on the engine, so this is quite a masterpiece. Amazing it works at all.

Stefan Stefan says:

So just 100k km is a lot this doesn't make to many new owners happy, knowing the difference in value of the car will be in the number of km or miles done.

MrJef06 says:

The sound is incredible. But I don't buy the electric motor BS, I mean what? A 6.5l engine would lack low end torque and smoothness for cruising in town? Come on! The real reason must be related to emissions of course.

V. E. says:

Auto audio porn. lol

Roger Rolex 69 says:

Who cares!!!!! The car is absolutely ridiculous RUBBISH AND PROBABLY WILL NEVER BE BUILT!!!!
More English junk all hype and no race winning still!!!!! Hahahaha

Karanveer Singh Dulku says:

That engine sounds absolutely glorious ❤️

Joe McManus says:

sounds like a ferrari and less like the vulcan

Cros Francis says:

do you think you could buy this engine from Cosworth

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