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ATV Subaru Impreza STI

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Impreza ATV

Credits to Ken Brough
Nueva Zelanda. Visit:


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Kevin Edwards says:

where can you get this Subaru ATV?

417 Racing says:

+Evan Shanks lmfao

Luisito San- says:

Gotta use this ATV in the stone… that has to be hella fun.. lol

sth50100 says:

yeah it doesn't slide/drift too well in the paddock probably because its too light , too short in the wheel base, too much traction up front, probably needs a DCCD if it doesn't have one already and its not working that well for the reasons above.

Rorschach says:

verrekke mongo !

Pccpy says:

Is that batman, at 9:03?

Simon Holm says:


yz2504eva says:

when i saw the title of this vid, i was like hmmmmm, dont think so. then as soon as it started i fell out of my chair laughing, that is the best man, well done.

Amesie's Automotive Corner says:

Is there a build thread or at least some work in progress pics?
I think I'm going to try to fit a similar Subaru driveline into a 74 Saab Sonett I picked up.

SLITHR2 says:

I'd be willing to bet an actual STi does better off road than this ATV version. How ironic is that?

Pete Johnson says:

Sounds great,,,, bottle that noise and you make it

Alun Evans says:

dam the bit that is some machi ne . long live the people that have the balls to think outside the box and dream up things like this……… tho driving something like this they might not live that long. pmsl. love it

sean wilson says:

this is nz doucher

Greg25RS says:

the turbo sounds like someone trying to learn how to whistle

JakeDA Atheist says:

Do a quick search on Google. It gives you a faster response and gives you the satisfaction of doing something. 😀

Patryk Topor says:

@yayim4sale i dont want to be a hater or anything but there is no such thing as american language

blarson1 says:

This is incredibly high on my list of dangerous automotive projects. Rolling that thing over would be catastrophic. I've got to give the guy credit for having some stones.

monged says:

wer can I buy one?

The Kweli says:

@FireBall14678 Just little mud on the car window

Tom Gray says:


You make comments about knowing the language first but I think you might need a little booster course to get you up to scratch too.

MattHunter2222 says:

@yayim4sale about 3 lines into this I was thinking "Fuck this guy, who does he think he is", but then at the end I realised, "yeah, hes right".

But you have to admit, Australians are pretty cool (Majority are wankers), but we are pretty cool

SolusKrieger says:

@FireBall14678 they filmed in a car its on the window

ilovegameshad says:

this is the funniest quad i ever see and it kick ass

Jacober Rouven says:

how do they changing gears, break, :S its realy intressting! 😀 ^^

WtrDogg20 says:

@FireBall14678 That was something in the glass between the ATV and the Camera….it seems someone was filming from inside a car or something…

NorkiddExo says:

@yayim4sale Australia's best country in the world!

tyrepikke says:

@ajkulish fuck ya mother okay ?

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