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Audi A5 coupe vs BMW 4 Series coupe vs Mercedes C-Class coupe

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Web analyst Rob Wing is outgrowing his BMW 1 Series, and not just because of his passion for bodybuilding. He and his wife are hoping to start a family in the near future.

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DerHalbeEuro says:

Ha! Ga….ey!

Keivz says:

No one gets the 4 series in the standard trim. It’s sport trim or go home.

Mike F says:

Crap testing ???

Double J says:

This guy is so fucking gay! Are you sure he has a wife?

Tyler Durden says:

Aye, he's looking to start a family… that's why he's checking out coupés instead of family cars?… yep, seems totally legit. And as for his fast and reactive "driving style" who does he think he is? Dominic Toretto ?

Gary Smiley says:

god he is gorgeous!


is this guy dumb its not a fair test 62 plate merc 63 plate audi and 13 plate bmw

Dave Gross says:

53 mpg? for a Mercedes? are you high, or just blindingly stupid?

E. says:

1:28 Who gives a damn about what you are fun of? horrible review

Liem Liam says:

Just got mine! Brand new United Kingdom 2017 C300 AMG Line Premium Plus Polar white with Night Pack styling! I love it! Lots of thumbs up!

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