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Audi A5 vs Mercedes C-Class Coupe vs BMW 4 Series vs Lexus RC | Head2Head

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Premium four-seat coupes: striking looks aren’t enough to top this class. Cars such as the Audi A5, the BMW 4 Series, the Lexus RC and the Mercedes C-Class Coupe need to be fun to drive, comfortable and refined, yet remain nearly as practical as the four-door saloons on which they’re based. So which of these handsome two-doors is more than just a pretty face? Find out in our brand new Head2Head video review in 4k!

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Rafi Peled says:

And when the German trio will spend time the auto shop the Lexus will fly in the highways!

A G says:

You should have compared the e class coupe with these cars

Zade Sabagh says:

audio problems during c class drive?

StingRay says:

Poor RC, it tried…
Maybe instead of a 300h, a 350 F Sport could have made it more competitive.

Scotty Svensson says:

Volvo S60 Polestar vs all other German rivals ? S4, BMW 340i X, Benz AMG C43?

maniackolder says:

Thinking to get one of these.Its Audi or BMW for me. Would have been Audi outright if they kept the previous exterior. The new Audi looks like a ford AND THATS NO COMPLIMENT 🙁 Baffled by the love for the Merc interior. The nav screen looks like they forgot it and just bought an ipad and stuck it on top of the dash. not clean at all.

Ninja Style says:

A5 for me!!!

John Taylor says:

How did the C Class win over the A5 in this comparison when it lost to the A4 in one of your other videos?

RaiHussky says:

I like how the audi has a foggy environment

coddlinghimmler says:

The Outtie is a nice Qupee. Lol

Interceptor810 says:

The Lexus looks really dated. It looks nice but nothing can justify the £35k price tag

Id pick the Audi

Андрей Андреевич says:


Martina Dunne says:

Audi all the way

T Ly says:

Mercedes has a weird shape to me, wish it was more square like older Models. Seems like the design language was based on a leaf.

Tahsib Faiyaz says:

almost everything is okay in the Mercedes c class except the Exterior!
bmw 4 series has the best EXterior between these 4 cars

Miki Tereszko says:

Audi looks amazing what t u talking about

Joohhnn G says:

Would pick either BMW or Audi, but would probably be Audi, because I'm crazy about the A5, except the front looks worse than before, and I hate BMWs overall. Does it make any sense? Maybe.

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