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Audi RS6 v Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake: Super Wagons. – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

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The last RS6 was blunter than Larry David, this one is said to be better. Can it handle Merc’s gorgeous low-rider, the CLS ‘ Brake?

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fox has no friends says:

Depreciation hit the Merc hard, saw one in the newspaper for only $60000 NZD.

jonas kosteckas says:

If you want sedan buy m5 if you want wagon buy rs6

Engel Styla says:

Audi Goldpreis ???

João Taveira says:

roll race both, mercedes kills the rs6
of course stand still drags , quattro will beat rwd… but the massive dominant way the merc gets back at it should have been pointed out in this video

MK Automotive says:

We miss these videos today… Chris Harris in Top Gear? Naaaah

Greetings from driving POV videos 🙂

Jdkdkfjsj says:

Lol you dont compare it to the cls you compare ut to the fkn E 63 waggon you fucking idiots

Seni Siken says:


Oscar Berkmann says:

What about a rolling start?!

Oscar Berkmann says:

But if the quattro is going sideways, it is harder to get it back under controll than the Merc. I still prefer the 2WD setup.

james Richardson says:

Merc is just plain ugly.


E63S amg vs rs6 winner is e63s

Климент Алмазов says:

The first gen CLS looks way better than second. It looks really wannable.

C'mon Roy! says:

who's watching in late 2017?? Dunno, still one of my most favourite comparisons of all times! And that RS6 is just a monster….

Mirjan Semema says:

Lol audi ist audi…sorry..mercedes was one time…but now ist only a car with 1 motor..

James Marshall says:

RS is like a super hot bipolar girl. Regardless of how she acts, she's by far the best looking one all day every day.

Jah Suspension says:

3:29 and 7:14 best founds ever

COLIN LI says:

If planning to drive them for 10 years, which one would you think more reliable and less issue?

Davil says:

Just Love all your reviews! I know what you say is very accurate too. Thank you.

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