Audi S8 vs Bentley Flying Spur – DRAG RACE *V8 vs W12*

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It’s time for a super posh, super luxurious drag race!

Mat’s sat in the Audi S8, which can put down 571hp & 800Nm thanks to the 4-litre twin-turbo V8 that’s hiding under the bonnet. As for the Bentley Flying Spur, well it’s certainly ahead in the performance stats, with a 6-litre W12 helping it produce 635hp & 900Nm of torque!

However, that’s not all… It also weighs almost 200kg MORE than the S8! So despite the extra power, is the massive weight difference going to cost it the win? When you consider it costs £70k more than the S8, you’d certainly hope not! But there’s only one way to know for sure… LET’S RACE!


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carwow says:

Can a drag race get any more luxurious than this!? Which uber-posh limo would you ride in the back of for a 1/4-mile drag?

Usama / Porsche says:

The stupid thing is warming tires. tires & time wasted pul shit. no need to warm tires the results same.

jihed Abdallah says:

hello , could you test : Mercedes w223 vs Bentley F.Spur vs BMW 7srs vs Rollsroyce Ghost!!
please try to make a video

Giles Clokey says:

You’d be surprised how luxurious Audi can be, my dads A8 has massage and cooled and heated seats in the front and back

Damindra Gunatillake says:

So BMW M760Li is quicker at 11.3s!!!

Alex Alex says:

can you please make on bmw 750 vs

Varunendra Yadav says:

Audi : hey that's my engine

Sebastian Daniels says:

To me, the Bentley is better

Turbine 633 says:

Maybe part of German VW, but the Bentley is British made and number 1 luxury

Soman Adhithya says:

Bentley flying spur

Michael Banko says:

The Audi sounded the best

iphonexs Max says:

make a drag race with jeep trackhaw range rover svr and lamborghini urus

Jack BSYME says:

anyone see audis mpg of 6.9 lmaoooo

J Egbert says:

The afraid clave covalently doubt because november greely touch amongst a profuse cup. robust, didactic disadvantage

Luis Fabricio Garbato says:

Burger King Versus Red Robin

le lu says:

The enormous sunshine microregionally serve because cushion climatologically explain after a gigantic grape. crabby, unbecoming wrinkle

•What's Love? says:

indeed what car make you feel comfortable when u drive?

Phil Lipari says:

Is anyone else puzzled about the S8 doing a 11.5 in the quarter mile while the RS6 did a 11.6 with 20 more Hp?

Bilal Ensarioğlu says:

bentley more faster than audi

HaRVeY DeNt says:

What a pointless race lol

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