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Autonomous Nissan Leaf | Fully Charged

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Our first ride in a fully autonomous car on public roads in the UK. Nissan very kindly arranged this experience, I’d particularly like to that Tetsuya Iijima, who is ‘not’ driving the car, he had been showing this vehicle to numerous journalists before we arrived but still showed great enthusiasm.

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Music by Paul Mottram

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Kexin Tian says:

Automonous driving technology is hardly practical in countries like china and india where there are simply too many people on the roads, people cutting in front of each other and not giving way to each other or following traffic rules. Self-pilot car owners will be at great disadvantage than others and their car will be constantly stopping and forced to give ways to other cars or people

Benn Revell says:

Will the car stop for a mummy duck and her ducklings as they cross the road?

Roger Hudson says:

Autonomous cars will work best when all other vehicles are autonomous and a bad driving human can't cut you up.

Jojo Estanero says:

Wow !this is the future folks

TheFourthWinchester says:

Real test for fully autonomous vehicles will be India. Once you make it in India, you're safe anywhere on the world. And autonomous vehicles might not be able to navigate Indian roads for another 3 decades. Still this is exciting!

guitarplayerforu says:

Will autonomous cars see cyclists and Motorcyclists better than most people? when I'm driving I'm always on the lookout for both cyclists and Motorcyclists. Not once have i had an accident in my 4 years of driving so far. I fear autonomous cars will stop me doing 1 of the things i love though, i love driving, surely people will have the option of driving a autonomous car manually should they want to? Bit like a jet aircraft where a pilot can hand fly it if he/she wanted too or put autopilot on rest of time.

MyBadbull says:

They will be even better when we start using smart traffic signals aswell

Danny Thompson says:

A superb episode that I keep coming back to and sharing with people I know (the curious and the vociferous nay-sayers). I'm quite looking forward to AV for commuting purposes, even if I do still have to remain in the front seat (boo hiss).

lucas saying says:

We really living in the future 2017 we already have cars that can drives itself ..imagine what we gonna have in 50 years?!? Yeah robots is definitely taking over the world

Jason Holt says:

Very impressive!!!

Psiko sepatula says:

tesla fan dislike this video

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