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Aventador S: Dare your EGO at High Altitude!

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There’s only one challenge that can take you behond the limit. This adventure opens with the two protagonists: a skier and an aerobatic pilot. You can chase your EGO, reach it and overtake it. Dare your EGO on the Aventador S: http://lam.bo/ybYQ30aRq0Q

DISCLAIMER: This film shows a fictional situation with professional drivers on closed roads and tracks. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. reminds you to obey all posted traffic signs and laws.

Subscribe to the Lamborghini’s YouTube channel: http://lam.bo/Yy3WF

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CodeCommand says:

piece of art!

CaptiChaos Gaming says:

The aventador lp700-4 is the best sounding car of all time. Never heared something that good in my entire life

Paulo Costa says:

Its Lamborghini.

Ayush Agrawal says:

How about we leave off-roads for the rovers

Great Cars India says:

Is Next Generation Technology of Lamborghini outridden Ferrari?

We @ Super Cars Official endorse innovations of both companies. What your views?

The Big Fish says:

Question lambo, if I buy an aventador S, does it include the plane for free?

goldingum says:

Never seen a awd drift

Adhi Kimeeshi says:

saale kutte bg music nikal be sadak ke suvar

Akshat Sharma says:

lamborghini is my most favourite car company but old aventador is better

Akshat Sharma says:

super ugly wheels!

joshua ghadimi says:

Too bad I can't dare my ego with that price range

zijjiz zijjiz says:

طبيعه وبيئة وسياره تشكي مقطع بطل

gol d Roger says:

did they use cg in it?

Snorre Engh says:

Snowboard is much better freeski is a joke

Wesley M. says:

Lamborghini> ferrari

TechBiz Canada says:

Hey look another car that 99.9% of the people on this planet can't afford. It's nice though.

PiWiPi says:

Can you do a giveaway?

sunnysewing says:

I liked the Miura speeding through the Italian Alps while listening to Matt Monroe better. Opening scene of original "The Italian Job" for those who want to check it out. This looks like a very expensive sled – who will ever drive their Lambo on a pack of snow risking a rock or a tree trunk waiting to tear up your underside? Meh…

CJ Swanstrom says:

The Aventador is the ONE car I'd chop off a nut to own, but this video is GAAAYYYYYY

Fawx Artt says:

stupidest ad you've ever made.

кидрок says:

Красиво, бляха муха….

TheBlackSwordsMan says:

What a car in the snow the Lamborghini aventador s is amazing!!!!!!! Love how it looks and the engine sounds awesome!!!!!! Lamborghini is number ONE!!!!! Lamborghini is truly better than ferrari. I'm a huge fan of Lamborghini since I was a little kid!!!!!!

Thomas gosewinkel says:

any ideas excatly where it was filmed ???

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