BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT 2018 – Full Review !! Geneva Motor Show '18 & Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

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Welcome at the 2018 Geneva’s Motor Show !! As for the first video I have the pleasure to present you the all brand new Bentley Continental GT. The car is stunning and exceptional with a power that is more than unreal.

The car is powered by a 6 l. W12 twin-turbocharged engine of 635 hp. and 900 nm. 0-100 km/h in 3.7 sec. & 8 speed dual clutch transmission with Active All-Wheel Drive.

Thank’s for watching, Alex !!




troy smith says:

wow bentley makes nicer cars than rolls royce

John Uri says:

Alex, you keep moving your camera that it loses the quality of the image.

கோகிலன் முத்தையா says:

7star luxury

Muhammad Shafeeque says:

One. …..fantastic and parfect

JK selan says:

I will buy one day!!!Wait for me Bentley..

luvluca toni says:

What's the maintenance on it . Approx per year

La Vita è Bella says:

قمة الرفاهية 💛💛 يا ليتني أمتلك واحدة بالمجان

الصقر الجارح says:


MrPrettyBoyChina says:

My favorite car. Brandon in a Bentley Sound so good 😊

106 Arcade says:

They didn’t make a 2018 model but made the 2019 for the continental

Michael Marshall says:

They are nice cars but here in Australia they are half a million dollars each!

Annette Edwards says:

How many times he says the word “ actually “?

Oyila Obaomo says:

Sport Foo

Jonny Jonny says:

Geil aber wenn mal die technik spinnt dann kann man die anzeigen am tacho vergessen

angelo Ortiz says:


mounir dalina55 says:

Best card bentley

Alien Laughter says:

this is the most beautiful car on earth right now, if I'm not exaggerating.

tai nguyen says:

your camera move too much , llll

Annette Edwards says:

Alex I really appreciate it.

The Rising Sun says:

This is probably the first time where a vehicle gorgeous front and rear exterior are strikingly beautiful.  The interior is also  delicately beautiful and lavishly elegant and refined appealing to the emotions as well as the eye.  Well done Bentley!

Ashish Mundefi says:

One of my favourite car

PeriNKinG says:

Way too expencive for me.

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