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Bentley Hypercar, Lexus LFA Successor, Infiniti QX50 – Fast Lane Daily

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Lexus may be working with BMW on a LFA successor supercar, and we hope it happens. Bentley wants to join the hypercar game with a brand new model in the next few years, Kia green lights a wagon version of their Optima, and we know the pricing for Infiniti’s new QX50 crossover! Plus, it’s Tuesday, so you know that means someone has to be Doing It Wrong (may be more than one person today). That and more all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!

Doing It Wrong video:

LFA video with Supermodel:

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Aiman Rahman says:

Koenigsegg One:1

Hydar Zartash says:

I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years Japan is superior to Germany in the supercar market

Foreignspy says:

This show is so underrated, it's funny as hell

Sheeraz Ahmed says:

Pagani Huayra

gwot says:

sooo what makes a aluminium space frame better than a carbonfiber one? The LFA diched the aluminium chassis for a carbonfiber one… why go backwards? or does "space frame" mean something that I don't know about.

whatever04811 says:

This is the only time i thumb downed you guys at FLD. That cop WASNT doing it wrong!!! He had a split second to make a decision so he decided to stop the car right there. it was a daylight, good visibility and dry weather. It would have made more hazard for him to let it pass then turn around his vehicle and then chase him/her.
I could sense anti police biasness in your left wing journalism right here. Shame on you.

8power0 says:

O HIY THERE DEREK D there was ever only one hyper car ever Ferrari 288 GTO NOW SUKE ON THAT !

Senso Rieskin says:

this guy really is the unfunniest host i've ever seen. he tries to hard. and asks for confimation way to much.

MTEK says:

Never forget when I was passed by someone going a bit over the speed limit and a quarter mile down the road a chubby highway patrol officer came running out of the woods with one hand holding up his belt/pants. He literally did a running jump into the dude's lane while signaling with his other hand for the guy to pull over.

BB-8 says:

Pagani Zonda 760LH is where it's at.

Trojan Walrus says:

no messing about. Pagani Zonda is the best

the italian stallion says:

Lamborghini veneno

Michael Buttigieg says:

*Amateur hour

Michael Buttigieg says:

Weren't there 4 doing it wrongs? What is this amateur Derek D?

Tony W says:

Lamborghini Reggaeton

Jamaicangmr1 says:

The cop was doing it stupid. This is a normal practice for Jamaican cops and a few of them have died as a result.

*Doing your best ironman impersonation to stop a 4 ton SUV,….. Franklin you're DOING IT WRONG!!!"

Austin Bables says:

Pagani Zonda 760RS LM

07SuperchargedSS says:

Best hypercar is either McLaren P1, for making such a sexy monster so early in the new road car era, or any Koenigsegg, for creating such beautiful, powerful works of art, and putting Bugatti (VW empire) to shame with 25 guys in a Swedish shed in the middle of a frozen forest.

BobaPopper says:

Lexus stick shift? Would love one!

lllllln3sty says:

Kia totally stoled the design cues from Alfa Romeu, when i saw the pic i immediately think Alfa.

Jose Rodriguez says:

Is anyone curious how does erica look

adrian bouros says:

koenigsegg one:1 for fast and lamborghini veneno for crazy

Nofukoff says:

so the lfa the best car in the world.. which some highly regarded people said.. is getting a successor.. sounds cool

sorooshusa says:

for obvious reasons, koenigsegg is the best hyper car. its got the most HP, highest top speed, expensive, exclusive, limited, and the science behind it is mad like.

Paul William says:

I'm pretty sure the cop is facing the "wrong" way to capture evidence on his dash cam. Also the highway barrier has a split (6:32) where he probably was on the opposite lane at first, pulled over, then reversed it to his parking location on the incoming lane. I don't think the cop was ever directly in front of the vehicle until the vehicle pulled over, plus I'm sure he was ready to run if something was to happen.

Daniel Portas says:

Okay… So it is plain as day that the side of this QX50 looks extremely similar to the 2nd gen Cayenne. Yet the QX50 is plain, while the cayenne is good-looking. ggwp

Oh, and, Bentley Continental GT 100th Anniversary incoming 😀

Charles Brus says:

The holy trinity LaFerr,P1,918

Rishabh G says:

#FLDQoftheD the Pagani Huayra is probs the best hypercar ever

David Lawman says:

Franklin! You are doing it wrong!! Again!!

Daniel Estrada says:

That Kia wagon is sexy..

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