BEST of Corvette SOUNDS! – C5, C6, C6 Z06, C7 Stingray & More!

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This video is a ‘best of’ compilation of many different Corvette cars I have recorded in the past years. It contains new & old video footage. The video shows heavily the insane sound of the cars from many points of the track doing crazy downshifts, brutal accelerations and more!

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– Hans


Overlord277 says:

My wife is pregnant and she lets me play this for the baby.

Jrzr1 River says:

I have a c5 right now but one day I’ll own a c6 aswell

Local Baller says:

@ 2:33

i thought it was James May from topgear

Pasco David says:

Just wow I had an F355 spider it had a great sound, growling! But this deep roar may be then next sound I will be addicted too.

blooneyful says:

Best Corvette video on YouTube.

david029014 says:

Love the burble sounds after the rev

Stopsign32v says:

These are probably some of the weakest Corvette exhausts I've heard. By far the worst video for "BEST of Corvette SOUNDS"

Gio says:

Florida man takes vette to Nurburgring

Auto Trimmers says:

04:34 is ridiculous 😲

BIGMIKEC63 says:

I bought myself a C6 Z06 a month ago with headers, "mild to wild"-exhaust etc. And I have to say that this car sounds…boring as hell! Just a loud drone-like exhaust sound when crusing on the highway.
Had a C63 w204 before and if it's one thing that I miss – it's the exhaust from the C63!

Mista 808 says:

My Audi S4 with a 4.2L V8 sounds better than any of these Vettes in the video.
Resonator and muffler delete with 3" muffler pipes and quad tips. 😎
Is my Audi as fast as these Vettes? Definitely not but I dare you to try to race me
in snow or wet conditions or on some back roads. You'll get left behind 🤣

Chris Gruber says:

C6Z06 with LS7 cammed, the lightest, the best sounding, the one and only Vette ever!

Kyle Hayslett says:

The general concensus of this is… Corvettes are awesome. Doesn't matter what generation. C1 through C8 all have killer models and can be modded to the moon.

David Zimmerman says:


IKhan says:

5:47 love seeing the Porsche 911 and Corvette duking it out on the track. Cars and a race track, the adult playground.

natlin 06 says:

merci, juste la meilleure voiture du monde

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