BEST OF SUPERCARS: Ferrari Pista, Honda NSX, McLaren 720S, McLaren P1, Porsche GT2RS | Top Gear

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Here’s a little compilation of some the best supercars we’ve had on the TV show recently, including the Porsche 911 GT2RS – whose cup overfloweth with torque, the Ferrari 488 Pista – and its clever “even your nan can drift me” mode, and a head-to-head track battle between the McLaren P1 and its little sister; the 720S.

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abdelfettah yaaqoubi says:

Every year at the Acura dealership I work at we get to drive the NSX for a week, all employees at the dealership drives it like they stole it and it had like 36k miles on it, after we finish with it it get sent to another dealership for a week, the car is unbelievably reliable and to top it of Acura will probably destroy the car since it was a preproduction model, the engine block made by cosworth!! It's printed on it, you can just straight race with the same engine and modify it and shit, and one time a customer bought one and the warranty for like 5yrs/ 100k was like $2k. That just tell you it's so reliable you can drive it every day and that's my friend is money well spent!

Aliya gamesYT says:

Yep that’s it I’ve decided I’m definitely getting gt2 and an p1 both black I’m going to try finding one with carbon weave showing on both vehicles I hope

Valerey Dyachuk says:

5:17 the P1 goes so fast, the front badge unglued.

HappyandAtheist says:

I miss the old team

B4ND170 - says:

gt2rs is a BEAST racing car!

Gedalneil says:


Aykut says:

Porsche there is no substitute

Broken Toy says:

The P1 on full chat sounds evil

Lance Hondrade says:

Chris deserves to be on the Grand Tour.

Wasif Anowar says:

Chris is the only REASON why people are still watching Top Gear, whoever took the decision to bring him in when Jezza & boys left for Grand Tour deserve a pay rise

Driving Enthusiast says:

Tires on the Porsche: I hate this moron!

Never Settle says:

Any McLaren fan?

Aziz HACHIMI says:

Nothing in comparison with the old GOOD top gear…I am sorry, but his without Clarkson, May and Hammond is pure Bullshit!!!

Ahmed K says:

This man can drive my uncle’s sportage and make it desirable😂😂 do not imagine yourself doing that anytime soon 😂

Marcin P. says:

My Dodge Demon sounds better!

Raaka says:

I get it that GT2RS is the best car, but man does it sound dull.
GT3RS is much better sounding car imo.
And when talking about best sounding cars, Lexus LFA.

Lance Hondrade says:

The GT2RS is called the “Widowmaker” for a reason.

Jim Beam says:

This just cured my depression. Thank you, Chris Harris!

dacosta smith says:

I'll take the nsx

Byron G says:

Tough choice, but it would have to be the GT2RS for me.


I am just not a fan of rear-engine cars. The balance is just off. Front engine or mid-engine for me.

toto2fly says:

That GT2RS is a wild Animal

Samuel Montelongo says:

1- 488 Pista
2- GT2RS
3- McLaren P1

daryl_sgn5 says:

out of all pista 488 still my favorite..

Adam Záhorský says:

This isn't Top Gear …

Mathete Maeteletja says:

Chris is nuts! 🤪🤣

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