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/BIG MUSCLE Dubai: Sleeper Land Cruiser

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Mike Musto finds out the Toyota Land Cruiser can do a lot more than pick kids up at school.

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Venelex says:

Was just over in Dubai whent out to the desert and it was a great experience, a good time!

Nepsitercoverland says:

Thanks to the Japanese who built it.

William Woody says:

What does gas cost in Dubai?Is it free?9:25-this is a sport?

Abid Star says:

I love land cruiser my wish I bye this

maccollectorZ says:

It's what a Landcruiser was made to do!

whatrthose says:

This guy doesn’t know cruiser life then, I’m 15 and I took my dads 04 cruiser and threw a 6” lift 33”s and a straight pipe and none of my friends can out mud my beast of a 4×4 and their all in trucks (I live in Louisiana, don’t have about my lift, it’s normal)

Staten Island Shelter Dogs says:

Very nice! Love this guy!

LifeNplay says:

Ahmed is a cool dude

Jack Montgomery says:

Landcruisers are the best stock off road vehicle all round in the world

m7m3freek says:

theres some big competition going on, either the land cruiser or the nissan patrol, in my opinion, land cruisers are legends, i even own one in real life! 2010 model btw, gxr v6, and, it isnt a full option, soooo yeah why not, yolo

kevin hay says:

I have the 100 series sahara 4.7 v8 and i love it ! Best car ive ever driven ?

Shakil Mussa says:

You clearly no nothing about cars you said”surprisingly this car is capable”Like bruh its a freaking landcruiser what do you expect you Americans “no offense”think that your little cute Jeeps are the best like go out to places like Africa or Asia to see what true off-roading is

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