Bikers Attack Mclaren 720s in Road Rage Incident!

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The women was cut off by the motorcycles, the bikers blocked the car in and when the driver stepped out to talk to them she forgot to engage the parking brake causing the vehicle to roll into the bike in front. The bikers proceeded to damage the vehicle by punching and kicking it. One biker even swung at the driver which is why she got back into the vehicle left the scene and called the police from a safer location.

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kamilfejtek81 says:

He runs a way, because the girl was pit of control. I will do the same, you never know what psycho people gonna do.

KRZ.狐 says:


cb4canes says:

Looks like the mclaren hit the biker

Calvin Evans says:

Can't be troubled by a peasant riding a lowly 10,000 dollar bike.


Please say the McLaren wasn't damaged, those weren't good bike owners so idc about them

Kyle says:

Whsres the rest of the video? I'm a biker I don't defend all bikers they can be jackals too just like cagers

Dynamic Trio says:

I would have just simply ran them over

Watza says:

Lmao jealous broke bikers

Marybeth McLemore says:

Bitch dumped her bike. I hope her oil goes in her gas tank lol stupid bitch yelling but her bike on the ground not on its stand. The McLaren will smoke that bike and dirt bike lol

Mete Merttt says:

İ guess Problem is the anxietic angry woman

Rigo F. says:

biker bitches! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Dren Marovca says:

Guys watch the Full Video the guy in a maclaren was a jerk

tom q says:

Why do I think right away it was the rocket bikers fault? BECAUSE I DRIVE! IT ALWAYS IS! DAMN MENACES!

Stanley Troski says:

Hit and run. That not good.

Adam R says:

Hey i have that car in gta!

David Kasprzak says:

Dude snatch that douch bag out the car and bitch slap that fool!!!

crow says:

I don't see the attack

Lucas Gomes says:


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