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Bisimoto 533hp Honda CR-Z sport hybrid 2-step/launch control test

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This is a test of the launch control (2-step) at 4500 RPMs of the turbocharged Bisimoto 533hp sport hybrid Honda CR-Z, using the wonderful AEM Series 2 EMS. This electronic concept allows for consistent standing starts at the drag strip or road race course, for the very best in traction from rest.
The hybrid’s integrated motor assist (IMA) also acts as a starter, providing smooth satrs without the archaic starter “clunk”.

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cok Bagus says:

i wonder how much does it cost?

BeyondEllisBeck says:

i wish this model came with the k24 from the civic si's

William Su says:

I wish you could swap the CVT for a DCT transmission 

Tamrick says:

Again and again you guys leave the hood open on the cars when you do your tests which give false results. Unless your driving around with no hood. Close the hood so we can see the the real results are.

fishbroloach says:

no he stated with boost at stock he gets 40 mpg's that around 320hp. at 533 he gets 18 mpg's cruising 12 running it!

TheWoebegoneJackal says:

Bisi has already stated when driven normally the car can still get around 40 mpg.

whittenzack says:

Sad you didn't put this turbo for crz and the Honda fit out. Lots I people have can in hand.

nitromanRI says:

533hp from a 1.5L?? I thought he put a k-series in there.

fishbroloach says:

before 39mpg's now 12! who need economy when you have a gas station!

SI RICKO says:

Nice cars but we never see them in action =/

Tinyto Productions says:

Is that a swap motor or just the stock cr-z motor

Chris Gottfried says:

That's Bisimoto for ya.

dieseldrift3406 says:

@LACounty8l8 ha. no one in my family are commies, its not like I live in left wing cali

LACounty818 says:

that POS will obviously outrun your dad's pruis =)

jake41591 says:

probably a ball bearing turbo….

SlickRickOne says:

Nice built but I bet this thing has only about 100hp at 3000rpm.

Kyle B says:

Spooling is terminology for when a turbine wheel is spinning, "u dumb shit lol."

dieseldrift3406 says:

that pos is turbo farting like a bitch

dubzfry says:

Apparently they can still get 40mpg

counterbond says:

how many mpgs for that hybrid lol

e32amgfinatic says:

@nokia53310 has a recirc valve.

rob wheeler says:

how bad did it effect the gas mileage?

ladiesman4372 says:

smooth start …love it

Anibal Arias says:


niurou says:

500+hp FWD, I couldn't imagine how terrible the torque steering can be.

bennet coen says:

dam..frekk i got my cr-z christmas is here im tryna save up!? anyidea how much one of these will go for!? once on the market?

MrLolololXD says:

@1PARADOXXX A BOV?!? Are you serious?? Hahahahaha, I laugh at you, sir.

jordanr1504 says:

@mvp04nv 41mpg

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