Blue CARBON McLaren SPEEDTAIL hits so different

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Mark Banuelos says:

That blue r34 hits different

Saul Barragan says:

Explain to me why such a high end car looks worse that a 1996 civic

S J says:

On the handicapped parking spot, right where it belongs.

shrëk says:

The back looks ugly

driftdh says:

Yo but that gtr looking clean

Dexter Kelly says:

Beautiful guess the price

d4 archi says:

Modern day jaguar xj220

Deon aka OG KING says:

Mann that look like the new KNIGHT RIDERS lol

punisher7895 says:

But what about the blue R34 Skyline in the background

dillon neal says:

I’m what way does it “hit” ?

David Young says:

Not the car to choose if you're trying to get away

Brandon Paugh says:

Who else wants this custome Prius 😂😂😂😂

Oliver Smiddy says:

Parked in a disabled bay. Peak wanker.

oral brown says:

Its cute. Looks like manny khoshbin's

Logan Seguin says:

Yes it do be hittin different

cheepda899 Cheepfamilies says:

The back of the mclarne speedtail looks like bikini bottom boats

MyFarmLife says:

The worst part about super cars is there’s always a guy that has more money that you and a car that’s just a rare or as mind blowing. Btw the speed tail is probably my least favorite super car lol

Josh Richards says:

I love the car it's just the back puts me off

Rodrigo Cardenas says:

O like it!!

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