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BMW 3 Series vs Jaguar XE vs Mercedes C-Class group test

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To help you decide exactly what your next company car should be, the Auto Trader team drove 1,200 miles across Europe in the latest BMW 3 Series, along with two of its closest rivals, the Jaguar XE and Mercedes C-Class, before crowning a winner.

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Bert Fry says:

Who buys diesel now……….

Daniel Friday says:

I personally would buy the Jag because it's most interesting car out of these 3 in my opinion but this is always more emotional than rational decision and the differences are really small.

DerHalbeEuro says:

I knew that the A4 and C-class are newer than the 3 series but i love the outerior design of the F30 and thats why i chose it. Don't give a crap about the bling bling of MB and modern screens here and there (A4).
I got mine F30 cheap as fuck in an almost new condition (89.000km for 15k €, black, modern line, lots of extras).
You step out of this car and looks like Mafia-Boss haha

Chris Anderson says:

but for sure mercedes should win best eco driving design amg line have better sunspenion set up

lweinbergjr says:

None of these 3 cars seem very exciting or all that interesting.

Hakan Kalayli says:

Volvo S60….?

Gamer Cool123 says:

Xe ❤️❤️?

Hunar Aggarwal says:

all people have merc and bmw but only a few have jaguar. so jaguar is also tge best looking than those two. i am with jaguar

earthstick says:

Dunno if they purposely put a filter on the lens for this or just used a lens with really bad vignetting but its really annoying tunnel vision.

Arman Osdinia says:

3 months ago, after watching a stock pile of reviews, I went out and picked a BMW 320d M sport. What I can say after 3 month daily ride is this car is simply perfect. I never get tired or bored behind the wheel and its gearbox is a feat of engineering as you barely notice a gear shift. Also, the engine gives enough power to satisfy me on British roads with strict speed limit rules. Nice car Beem!

Gizmo Thewytchdoktor says:

get out the crow bar to visually tell them apart. they all come across as very generic at first glance and even under passing scrutiny. disappointing. ;-<

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