BMW M2 CS vs Bentley Flying Spur – DRAG RACE *Surprise result*

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Flying Spur vs M2 CS? It must be time for another drag race you didn’t realise you needed… Until today!

Mat’s sat in the Flying Spur and he’s here to see whether a luxurious limo like this has what it takes to front up to a boy-racer car like the BMW M2 CS! One thing’s for sure, it’s certainly winning when it comes to the price comparison, with the Flying Spur costing £93,000 more than the M2!

But how about the power comparison? Well, once again the Flying Spur is cruising into a lead! The Bentley’s powered by a 6-litre W12 with 635hp & 900Nm of torque, whereas the BMW’s packing a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six that can produce 450hp & 550Nm.

So it’ll probably be an easy win for the Bentley, right? Well don’t be so sure… After all, it weighs 850kg MORE than the M2 CS!! Will it be too close to call? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!


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Raghavendra Narasapur says:


Gharthbolo is the name says:

The BMWS spinning is so satisfying

Michael gill says:

I havent seen that Flying Spur version b4 but what an absolutely awesome car , totally useless etc BUT WOW

Shijin satheesh says:

Bentlay flying spur king

Fernando N says:

That Bentley has got some legs for sure

Judson Musick says:

If I win the lottery, I would buy the Bentley Flying Spur.

Chintha Chaitanya says:

@carwow : No point in watching any of these videos, the ones matt drives, wins. All you have to note is which car matt is driving.

Sebastian Daniels says:

I am very happy the Bentley won all the tests, I love that car

AllanteA4 says:

I LOVE Bentley’s

Ree Ndlovu says:

I think we'd like a full review of the M2 CS

Khawar Aslam says:

Audi s6 race. Plz

Hafeez Ibrahim says:

would like to see lucid vs taycan turbo s

TheGov1967 says:

Can't believe how fast 2 and a half tons can get off the line & stops with also impressive Mach 1 top end. In this car if you turn up anywhere you have certainly arrived. 👍👍👍

Ryland Doll says:

i really didnt expect the bentley to brake quicker

DJ guy says:

I wanna see Wrx 2018 vs some cool other cars

vedant shankar says:

is it just me or is there two cars in the field

El_Tounsi says:

Next race: Ferrari La Ferrari vs mini cooper

Outdoor Olli says:

Be careful bloody Brits – if the BMW won, Angela Mörkl would have been appointed Prime Chancellor in No10!

Brody Wood says:

I swear mat always says he’s running out of runway but he has heaps left

yeetus59 says:

Now imagine if that m2 had just a tune itd make some millionaire shit their pants in their bentley

Kamohelo Mokhati says:

Matt being a bmw guy, obviously he wasn't gonna let bmw loose just like that

Greatness says:

Wow big surprise! The Porsche won this race again.

Neresa Maritz says:

Do an lorrie video with a volvo 520 and any other lorrie.

Estanislao Salinas Previte says:

Imagine that Bentley vs an M5 f90 competition… he doesn't have any chance

Erasyl says:

M760li vs flying spur is more interesting

Humza bhatti says:

BTW the Bentley is INSANNNEEE💯💫💫💫

Humza bhatti says:

I wonder it would not have been a better experience drifting on that enormously heavy Bentley 🤔

Ahmar Roblox says:

BMW fan boys
clicks off the video

Paul P says:

Why not try a test between these cars involving turning or stopping? That Bentley is a total pig.

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