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BMW M2 vs Porsche Macan Turbo: odd couple fight it out on track

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BMW’s M2 is one of our current performance car heroes so why put it up against the Porsche Macan Turbo, a two-tonne SUV? You might be surprised by the results…

BMW M2 review: http://aex.ae/2asSHev
Porsche Macan in-depth review: http://aex.ae/2asTjkt

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Maur1c1oQ says:

I find the entire premise of this video disrespectful to the mighty ///M2. Comparing it to a P-mini van? Sacrilege!

halit yilmaz says:

You didnt focus on porsche as much…

Marcel Tansie says:

How about in a straight line?

Tad Ka says:

Why does the commentator sound like he is commenting on some wild-life program?

Bertram Inc. says:

The question is, does someone who doesn't know how to pronounce the name of the car have the intelligence to review the very same vehicle. I submit, no.

Roger Lee says:

they are two different types of cars. you dumbass.

vikram m says:

it has scared the shit out of M2

Dan C says:

I drive a macan S, the handling destroys my previous 335i coupe lol

Jan Ch says:

he´s professional moto
journalist and yet he still cant pronounce Porsche properly. Porch my ass

Angel Navarro says:

try a lap starting from 0, I'm sure the time would be much different and the m2 would have nothing to do

Randy Douglas says:

lost my vote with that one.

JoTokutora says:

Drive the DCT M2, faster shifting, it should be faster time, ofcourse as long you are capable of taking advantage with skill

lilkaduk1 says:

It's actually pronounced "ma-chan" means "tiger" in Indonesian.

Bertram Inc. says:

Come on British wankers! If you want us to listen to your reviews, you need to pronounce the cars name correctly!

Christina Eder says:

fast absolute kind dispute journal southwest.

Alexander Mayer says:

Orange break musical mode hate violent

nakre15 says:

Me personally does not like smal SUV's! so i'll take a Cayenne instead if i had the money.. but i really want the bmw more.

Manik Sharma says:

For an SUV, I think the Macan looks the business

Patrick B says:

There is no substitute

chronicshot says:

Auto Express hired Jony Ive to do the introduction?

Manny J says:

How about m2 should be tested DCT just like Porsche was auto. This guy makes pretty decent show but he's not a great driver, that's why he managed to make good time in Porsche. With that said Macan is no slouch by any means. Never was a fan of Fast/Slow suvs. Had a chance to drive m2 in Thermal, CA it is such a fun car handles great. M2 over Macan any day. But any other 911 over BMW.

Trevor Archer says:

well what if you threw a professional behind the wheels

Liam Green says:

push dish top.

shahriar pourjafari says:

Macan Turbo vs Maserati Ghibli SQ4 please

Stefan Unson says:

The drag coefficient for the M2 is 0.35 versus the Macan Turbo, 0.37. That's why a bigger vehicle is neck and neck with a smaller one.

Kelveron says:

Interesting comparison. I wonder what lap time the M2 would've done if, like the Macan, it was equipped with an auto.

Shayor Rahman says:

Intro music got me pretty hyped, Macan is amazing and my new favorite suv

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