BMW M5 1,000hp v Audi RS3 800hp v Porsche 911 Turbo S – DRAG RACE

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We’re ending 2020 with a BANG!

We’ve got the two 2020 drag race champions, the Porsche 911 Turbo S and the 1,000hp BMW M5. And they’re going up against an 800hp Audi RS3!

The new Porsche 911 Turbo S has left so many cars in its wake during carwow drag races in 2020, but what chance does it stand against these tuned behemoths?! It’s only able to put down 650hp compared to the other two, so is it already game over for the Porsche?

There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

Thanks to Evolve for lending us the cars for this race –


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365alby says:

try to tune the 911 and see what will happen

Leader Games06 says:

I'm heartbroken. I've just learnt that this RS3 was totalled, because of an engine fire.

Sayed Hameed says:

Yanni hahha🤣

Avazbek Abdullayev says:

Fun fact this video has 2 refueling

vali4312 says:

I would say that the Porsche is the winner here with all the troubles the other cars had…
Porsche can do it all day long while those two do it once in 5 tries…

Péter Oláh says:

The thing is… Ya must upgrade the gearbox too… I think that was the the problem

اي هسه says:

ارجو من صاحب القناه ان يساعدني 😔

Geek Youtuber says:

BMW OWNER: Did yammy washed his hands..?

Patrick Burford says:

The Porsche Turbo S is just bulletproof!

Jonathan Roy-Thibault says:

I am not a audi fanboy but MEN, this one sound amazing!


Anything can be tuned. What's the point of this race?

Pilane Huma says:

Most dramatic episode ever!!

shayan Azizi says:

The pissing sence was awesomeee luv u editer😂❤

Mike Turner says:

If you were REALLY drag racing the blue car would be be disqualified for red lighting at the start (leaving early Before the green light)

Charles says:

Essa BM tá muito animal, tá um espetáculo essa BM e Audi, incríveis mesmo, parabéns

Brn 850 says:

Fake Race 🤣

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