BMW M5 1,000hp vs Porsche 911 Turbo S – DRAG RACE

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The king is BACK… And no, we’re not talking about Mat or Yianni!

Our drag race supremo, the Porsche 911 Turbo S, is back once again to defend its crown. It’s previously smashed the quarter-mile in just 10.1 seconds, making it the definitive carwow drag race king. However, the latest contender may give it a run for its money…

Evolve’s tuned BMW M5 Competition has joined us for previous drag races, taking down a Ferrari 488 Pista and 1600hp Nissan GT-R, to name just a few. However, whereas before it had been tuned to deliver 800hp, it’s now been turned up a notch to deliver an incredible 1,000hp!!

We know the 911 Turbo S can deliver, but when it only produces 650hp, will that be enough to retain its crown?! You’re going to have to keep watching to find out!

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Ruhel Amin says:

Does not look like they're doing almost 200mph lol

Tic Tac says:

Hardly a great advertisement for evolve. Cars where fucked.

padlasvillage says:

beemer need 1000hp to beat porsche. Give this porsche +150 hp beemer has 0 chance. It barely beat porsche. Best would be to take both on the track and then compare them. Its wasted 30K just to have able to drive on straight line. Like I said, take it to the track and compare. If you survive in that beemer, you are a lucky man. I can bet you 30K that this 1000hp would lose on track to standart M5. throw out 30k just to have a little fun on straight line. I guess the M5 owners wiener has been tuned 5mm longer. Sorry dude, Porsche wins.

王朝兴 says:

M5 is so fantastic, so I choose 911 turbo s

Vano.Player Tv says:

that m5 is real beast

Usama / Porsche says:

Not fair, tuned M5 against stock. Still 911 is the king

Ilídio Barros says:

Matt when are you going to bring a Porsche Targa to the channel, I love that car!

M says:

like a fuckin spaceship

Meena 2518 says:

But anyway the porche's drifting was good

Audacity Of The Mind says:

That’s it! I made up my mind I’m definitely getting an M5 Competition in my sleep when I’m dreaming

FukBoiCarti 4L says:

What’s this 😎😎👏🏻

Kefiloe Willington says:

Hey Mat,maybe you need to get GT2RS compete against the 1000hp M5

Shane4Bass says:

Why not tune up the 911 as well?

Xhulio Ismaili says:

bimma do never dissapoint 👑👑

naisi says:

That M5 sounds like a lawnmower. Horrible sound.

JCerv 13 says:

How did u get 1000 hp on this😒🤣

Ziemniakrock says:

Zadupca po prostu 😂

William Nixon says:

A unlimited (2004-2010/V10) M5 would be an interesting race against the later models 🤔

Omega Man says:

I still like Porsche more

Chris 61982 says:

Haha I love it when the 911 loses

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