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BMW X4 vs Porsche Macan: sports SUV showdown

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BMW’s new coupé-syled crossover contender, the X4, is a new entry to the sports SUV market. Can the new upstart really rival the Porsche Macan, which has been received as one of the best compact SUVs ever? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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Yianni Charalamboz says:

The Macan gts would reck the x4

John Roger Bell says:

Somethings funny about this video, you said the X4 has 255 hp, and it's quicker than the Macan. However the Macan in this video says S on the back, which should have 340 hp, and be quicker than that X4. In order to be quicker than the Macan S it would have to be the X4 M40i. Which is it?

Valentin león says:

So i had 2 m 3 f 80, but i fell in love with the macan, now i have the turbo preformance macan… should i got back to bmw?

Ian Corley says:

The X3 and X5 look so old fashion design . The X4 is an up to date design and I would buy one tomorrow if I could afford it.

Today's Grail Tomorrow's Beater says:

The Macan looks like a big bar of soap on wheels, like all other Audis.

Seth Clayburn says:

That x4 for a looks beautiful to me, I don't know why they keep saying ignore the looks are they fucking drunk?. or are they talking about ignore the look of the Fat Fuck driving it in the video?

Transcend says:

Looking at a Porsche Macan S, how are the maintenance fees on this one? I ended my up selling my BMW X5 Diesel. Looking for a cheaper SUV with decent maintenance costs

FROST VÜ says:

I'm loving the X4 so far, it's pretttttttty good car eyy  If I want to become a Pilot then I'll take a fly lesson in the Macan

rangermaverick85 says:

1:40 with that shirt he is also ready for a picnic

minityper says:

Am i the only one who thinks the beemer looks better?

BiodegradeableMan says:

The BMW won the drag race and he says, "Does speed matter in a car like this, not really." And yet in his video with the Evoque v Macan all he did was scream about how much faster the Macan was!

Egzon Maliqi says:

Bmwwwww ?????

DolleHengst says:

Holy hell. In the nineties a Defender TD5 was considered a sporty diesel 4×4.
0-60 took 19 sec or so

leo cody says:

The Macan is more luxury and fresh

Dirk Boland says:

sports sports utility vehicle

Carlos Matos says:

You should've used the Macan Turbo or at least the GTS

archangel z says:

The x4 does look better than x6. And I like the looks of the x4 I'm getting one next week. Hopefully the 6 cylinder turbo

hamz solo says:

and i love my macan s and so glad i bought it. Bitches be like checking me out all the time.

hamz solo says:

i waited 8 months and just got my macan s i was actually deciding between the x4 and macan s but just now they came out with a GTS OMFG happened to me when the 2006 330i first came out the next year they made a 335i FML

joshua ramdial says:

love them both they are both awesome .

Rob Lent says:

"Just press this off-road button" -> presses hill descent button ?

DerangedSloth555 says:

I really like the Macan S.

Storm Mars says:

Macan 0-100 6.7sec(lots of country no base model), S 5.4sec, GTS 5.2sec, Turbo 4.8sec.
X4 0-100 xDrive28i 6.4sec, xDrive35i 5.5sec, M40i 4.9sec.
Macan start from 59,200 to 85,800(canada price).
X4 start from 47,350 to 59,700.

Cayenne 0-100 7.6sec, S 5.5sec, S E-hybird 5.9sec, GTS 5.1sec, Turbo 4.5sec, Turbo S 4.1sec.
X6 0-100 xDrive28i 7.4sec, xDrive35i 6.4sec, hybird 5.6sec,xDrive50i 4.8sec,X6M 4.2sec.
Cayenne start from $67,400 to $178,100(canada price).
X6 start from $69,400 to 108,200.

Porsche stands for individuality, Cayenne continuation the Porsche DNA. Any car of Porsche is irreplaceable, Also Bentley Bentayga inferior to Cayenne (Porsche responded to Bentley, at 2017 update will "kill" Bentayga). The reason why is because personalized matching in Cayenne, The dashboard colors optional (red, white, beige, including the optional sport chorno), the optional interior grip materials (leather, wood, carbon fiber), steering wheel(leather, wood, carbon fiber, Alcantara), seat belt (gray, red, beige, brown), Audio system(Bose, Burmester), seat color options (such as red seat while the middle is green, and other colors), Air vents colors options,17 kinds of personality hub optional, and other personality matching and performance matching.
Also the car key is special, it also have color options too. Porsche website is 2D or 3D for build your car.
There is no car do personalization better than Porsche.

mklasse says:

The button you pressed in the X4 is downhill speed regulator button, it is not off road button, no off road button on the bmw.

blabla62871 says:

macan cant do moose test

Tim Archer says:

You guys do such great reviews.

Eidmantas Ivanauskas says:

I am amazed at how this presenter imagines 'off road' being a dirt track which I could drive on with a lawn mower. Oh yes, this has an offroad button – here I can drive on something that's not paved. I would say it's down to the driver skill, but a grandma could do it in her old Peugeot. Second video I watched in the row about the Macan here. Great content, but the off road section content, and the whole video's credibility being replaced with fan-boy'ishm, just killed it.. 🙂

Luka Lazarevic says:

If you wont go off road why would you buy either of these? BMW 535i is luxurious, comfortable, goes over bumps well and yet its faster and more fun to drive.

V M Sharavanakumar says:

Which circuit Is this?

xt6wagon says:

thats um… not offroad.  I've taken FWD open diff sedans with no ground clearance through worse.  Thats simply a wet dirt road in pretty good state of repair. Let me know when you have to drive miles on a road where the mud comes up to the center of the wheels.

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