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Breaking in the 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser! Cheap Truck Challenge Part 1 – Dirt Every Day Episode 5

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After World War 2, Toyota began developing an off road vehicle and it eventually earned the name Land Cruiser. The Land Cruiser has a strong history as a capable 4×4 and today as a luxury SUV. This week on Dirt Every Day, Fred Williams introduces us to “Peter the Beater” his new beat up, high mileage ’93 Land Cruiser that he’ll be fixing up for this year’s Cheap Truck Challenge.

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King of the Desert says:

i have a 2015 Lexus 570

jordan north says:

"You'll notice he has a custom suspension" no shit? These land cruisers didn't come stock like that? Youre kidding

Raf Orr says:

these SUV were the king in Colombia in the 80s, unfortunately they got a bad rep thanks to the drug cartels buying them and using them as their car of choice. the stigma has gone away a little and now a days people are starting to buy the new ones again.

tacoma171 says:

That Landcrusier 4.5L 1-6 should’ve been the engine in the T100 pickup when it was introduced in 1993 as well. Why Toyota threw that sh***y 3.0L V6 in there still boggles my mind to this day

bruce wayne says:

Ooooh i want a bj

sami vellamo says:

Best looking land cruiser there is.

kade wingler says:

I’ve got one as my first car at 17 with a slee front bumper, warn winch, soltek lights, white knuckle off-road rock sliders, and an old man emu suspension and damper and couldn’t be happier

Christopher Bond says:

“The only way to get up this ledge is with a lot of throttle. Thats a sure way to break some parts.” gives it lots of throttle to get up ledge

Ali Mir says:

What the hell
I have 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser hdj 80
It has its 3 ranges and a winch which was company fitted and i haven’t customised it yet !

tuffcarkid says:

you need to come to washington and wheel in the elbe hiils. make sure you come after rain and do the trail called the busy wild. no stock car could get through the trail. i did it in a built tj and had to winch out a couple times because of all the mud!!!

Immortalkalashnikov says:

Damn, those Land Cruisers are fucking reliable as shit.

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