Bugatti Chiron 0-400-0 KM/H #Shorts

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Bugatti Chiron 0-400-0 KM/H #Shorts

#superchargedpetrolhead #bugatti #Shorts


Supercharged Petrolhead says:

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Wait a minute who filmed this video it's mean itsssssssss supraaaaaaaa 😱😱😱

Жопный Член says:

Cameraman's car is faster, i bet

Генка Блэк says:


Ethan Bromhorst says:

It is the best car after dodge chargeur of 1970 for me

jb9904 says:

My Skoda fabia can go faster than that

[{DJ SAHIL}] says:

Bugatti- 42 sec (400kmph)
Meanwhile NINJA H2R BE LIKE HOLD my bear babe
H2r – 26 sec (400)
That's the power of DeMoN KING 👑 H2R

Sebastian Eiblmaier says:

Brutale power

ItsaMeElonMario says:

Toddlers: Wow look at this Bugatti

Legends: thinking about how SMOKEY NAGATA hit 400kmh in 1900s in a R32 SKYLINE 😎

Центр Центр says:

Ровно столько мне нужно по времени и расстоянию до работы.
Выйти из дому за минуту до…

Legit Ninja Gamer says:

Multiple helicopters needed to film this i would imagine

Moan. Ster says:

It was Supra who recorded the video🔥🔥

Kuldeep Bommaknanti says:

Buggati Chiron the god of cars😈

Jordy Valdez says:

Cuántas cámaras necesitaron para hacer este solo vídeo? 🤣

Professor smartz says:

Meh a koneigsegg is better faster and cooler

jaykumar Mali says:

Cameraman is op

Jyaan Flores says:

Yooo how car powerful brakes are what the nuts

JimG22_YT says:

That's nothing.The greek car CHAOS is running with 600km

Marcus Melee says:

Who wants to touch the brakes?

Колесников Святослав says:

Аж мурашки

Марк Марк says:

Тем временем оператор на супре

Piangkam S says:

my favouritw

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