Bugatti Chiron 1:18 Restoration Abandoned Hypercar Model Car

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Video Lamborghini Avnetador:

In this video I Restoration Abandoned small Bugatti Chiron by black and red color.
Model Car by Crazy Restore

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Aim_Batz says:

I feel like he buys the car and destroy it then makes a video of it redoing it because you can’t just find a toy car in the streats like that

Ajay says:

0:23 I hear somebody laughing lol

grco Reartes says:

Nou anbanoded cars 🏎️🏎️🏎️

Lizette Rubiano says:


Madhumita Mondal Das says:

I am a twelve years old mother brought me a rc lamborghini prevention.but seeing this cars i felt bad and remembered my previous rc suj 63 car

торронт says:

Если это были ни игрушки то льбой мужик закречал хачу-хочу-хочу

Rikary Anims says:

Bota uma luva moço

Tio Batatão says:

why are you guys saying that he destroyed the car himself? your so childish

LEGOSENSEI 1232 says:

Nice work, must’ve taken some time

TURBO YT says:

Мне не понравилось на ❤️ поставил

عبد السلام الشاوي says:

هاذا جميل

Ramon Aquino says:

Your paint jobs need some work … other than that pretty cool

رخساره ثروتی says:

Well i gotta say that was relly dusty

kpt gang gw says:

u should wear some gloves

george triantopoulos says:

The man really likes toothbrushes

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MR. SPACE Gamer says:

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