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Bugatti Chiron Dragrace 0-18-0. Lego Hyper Car Speed Test

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Speed Test Lego Hyper Car Bugatti Chiron. Dragrace 0-18-0
Lego Technic 42083

World record for BUGATTI Chiron: 1500 hp supercar accelerated from standstill to 400 km / h (249 mph) and came to a complete stop in just 42 seconds (41.96). This is the fastest time ever achieved and officially measured for this production car maneuver worldwide. I wondered if the lego Bugatti chiron could repeat this 0-18-0 exercise. This is a serious test for the gearbox mechanism and all-wheel drive of this model. But as experience has shown, even the Lego model Bugatti Chiron is capable of conquering high speeds.

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4Rubyn says:

Imitation Drag Race For BMW M3 2021

Spoonclankencuppen999 says:

What speed, to scale did you get it up to? How fast was the treadmill and what is the scale of the model?

mohd noorain says:

I was waiting for anyone of the pistons to blow up

kei saboru says:

i want to mod this with more powerful motors and just let it fly through my street ahaha xD .

Jason Slaughter says:

Lego people are something else

FloatyBlueBird |S T R E A M A R C H I V E S| says:


Samuel Lakra says:

Me as a 22 years old guy after seeing this.
I want this toy😅


It’s kind of better than electric car at least make some kind of noise that Indain is putting work put some WD-40 in there

Mathew Ball says:

That Lego Bugatti is closer to a Hyper Car than the real version at least there is electricity powering it!

antwerppi says:

Crappy video

yousif sherif says:

wow that drag race was awesome the chiron totally clapped wtv other car was racing it 🤩

Reasxn says:

You know it’s fast when the wheels start going in reverse

Velos says:

вопрос…. Нахера я это посмотре, и что мне с этим теперь делать?))))

Hayden says:

– “What did I do?”

– “You killed the car.”

Impulset0 says:

Spoiler didn't raise. 0/10

Bober101 says:

but like the power is coming from the treadmill and not the car as its attached by some fishing line. So it's more a video on how powerfull your treadmill is than anything else.

Crazy Funny Cats says:

Add dry ice fog 👍

Louis Liu says:

Homemade wind tunnel?

Ron Vega says:

Just why would you want to put it on there if there’s a high chance it could break

Tighber says:

At first I thought the Bugatti was broken and destroyed ,😂

DJ N says:

If i tried this i guarentee my transmission, gearbox, whatever it may be will instantly snap

ty says:

Still sounds better than a Honda Civic 😉

SenslideR | España says:

А я думал: зачем беговые дорожки покупают в дом… теперь понятно.

Scam Demic says:

4.2 million views for this and I can't even break 100 views for my 180mph flyby. 🤣🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

Jaydan Baker says:

It would be interesting if you removed the wired connection.

Linwen Gong says:

This was satisfying

CrazyLuigiBros says:

This car made from Roblox

Raffael Steiner says:

Have you ever thought of Putting a Green wall behind the car? Maybe ist possible to make a very cool looking Video

lilrich1243 says:

This was like watching the underwear from the amazing world of gumball go through G training in the washing machine.

Nur wadud Fahad says:

There is a thin rope connected with the front side of the car

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